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Sanitary Pads

Period pads - also known as sanitary towels - are perfect for when you first start your period.

Lil-Lets Teens day, long and night pads are shorter and narrower than most other pads so that they're perfect for younger girls and teens.

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Teens Day Pads

Lil-lets teens day pads

Teens Long Pads

Lil-lets Teens Long Pads

Teens Night Pads

Lil-lets Teens Night Pads

So what are
Lil-Lets Teens pads?

  • They're absorbent rectangles of material that stick to your pants, with a soft top cover that's worn next to your skin.
  • They also come with a sticky backing strip so that they stay in place and don't move around or fall out!
  • They have extra bits on the sides that are called wings, which fold over the edges of your underwear to keep the pad in place.
  • They come in a variety of sizes, normal, long and night.
  • Most have special ‘micro gel beads’ inside the pad to help catch menstrual fluid and prevent leaks.
  • They come in pretty drawstring bags with ribbons and a removable band - so nobody will know what's inside.
  • When you’re ready, you may want to move onto our adult pads range which are longer and wider than our Lil-Lets Teens pads but still as comfortable and absorbant.

How to dispose of Pads:


When you’re ready to change your teen pads, peel back the wings from underneath your underwear and peel away the pad from your pants.


You can either wrap it in the new pad wrapper or just grab some tissue and wrap it in that instead.


Make sure you dispose of it either in a special sanitary bin or with your normal household waste.

Just don’t flush it down the toilet as it can get stuck!

How to choose the
right pads for you?

Pads (otherwise known as sanitary towels or sanitary pads) are usually what you first try using when your period arrives. But with lots of choice out there, you might not know which ones are right for you.

There are two types of sanitary towels:


Thicker pads.

They contain fluff, almost like cotton wool underneath their top layer to absorb the liquid.


Thin pads.

These contain a paper like sheet that contains special material that turns to gel as it soaks up liquid, usually your period.

What size pad should I get?

Droplet symbols on the outside of the pack are there as a quick way of showing you how absorbent the teen pads are. The more droplets, the more absorbent they'll be and they're more likely to be longer in length too.

  • The names Normal, Regular or Day are used for sanitary sanitary towels that are best for light to medium flow
  • Long or Super pads are great for medium to heavy flow and are longer in length.
  • Night pads – are worn when you're sleeping or during the day for very heavy flow.
    Sometimes they've got a wider section at one end that can be worn at the front or the back of your pants depending on how you sleep. Just like our Lil-Lets Super Soft Night pads and Li-Lets Drylock night pads.

But how do I know how heavy
my flow is to change my pads?

Although pads can be worn for up to 8 hours, you may want to change them every 3 - 5 hours or when you visit the toilet.

If you notice leaks on your underwear or clothes, then you might want to try using higher absorbency pads or longer pads.

If you’re finding there's very little blood on the pad, then maybe you should use lighter or smaller sanitary pads.

When your flow becomes very light at the end of your period, try using a liner for very light protection.

Super Soft Pads

If you like our Lil-Lets Teens day, long or night pads and feel ready to move on from the Lil-Lets Teens range, why not give our Lil-Lets Super Soft pads a go!

Lil-Lets Super Soft ultra pads with wings have a super soft cover for extra comfort, micro-gel beads that lock in fluid for all over absorption and stay put wings for perfect pant protection.

They are available in normal length, long length and night length.

When is the right time to use a tampon?

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"I think u are the best my kid becoming a teen is on her period and she says how amazing your pads and tampons are."


"so, i love these pads but its just that my flow is basically heavier than Niagara falls so i leak but when i use them on my light days they are sooo soft"


"Comfy, perfect fit, don't really notice when your wearing it and is very absorbant would recommend "


"I love these pads, but I have a SUPER heavy flow. So I often leak but I wear these teen pads on my lighter days and they absorb super fast and they a sooo soft, so in overall,I love them."


"I really like them. They were long yet slim and very absorbant "


"Oh my goodness these are so comfortable to sleep in! I would definitely recommend this product as it is easy to use and is very soft. Thank you, lil-lets!"


"i LOVE these, they are so absorbent and it gives me confidence that I don’t need to change them for a good 5 or 6 hours :D"


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