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A tampon is a great alternative to pads, so lots of girls decide to switch to them once they’re more comfortable with their periods.


Lil-lets Teens Non-applicator Regular Tampons




A tampon is a great alternative to pads, so lots of girls decide to switch to them once they’re more comfortable with their periods.

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They are shorter and narrower for a smart fit and are suitable for a light to medium (regular) and medium to heavy (super) flow. Unlike other tampon brands that expand lengthways as they absorb, ours gently expand widthways for a snug, more comfortable fit.


Lil-lets Teens Regular Applicator Tampons

Firstly what
exactly is a

  • Tampons are made from a cotton like material that is compressed into a small shape that is worn inside your vagina to absorb menstrual fluid.
  • There are two different types of tampon, known as applicator and non-applicator types. This gives you a choice about how you insert them.
  • With a non-applicator tampon you can guide it into place using your fingers.
  • With an applicator tampon they come with a plastic or cardboard tube that you use instead of your fingers. The tubes have been designed to push the tampon into place for you.

Here's why
are really good

  • They're perfect if you love being active and going swimming.
  • It means you don’t have to take a bag with you every time you go to the loo (they’re so small you can hold one in your hand or put it in your pocket), which is a relief if you're worried about keeping your period private.
  • Tampons are worn inside your body so are less likely to have an odour.
  • No matter how heavy your period flow is, there is an absorbency size that'll be right for you.
  • Lil-Lets Teens tampons are available with or without an applicator and as they are shorter and narrower, they may be more suitable for younger bodies.
  • Unlike most applicator tampons that expand lengthways, all Lil-Lets tampons gently expand width-ways for a snug, more comfortable fit, making it less likely that you'll have any leaks. 
  • You can buy them at most large supermarkets, chemists and discount stores or the Lil-Lets online shop for around £1.59.

Is a tampon
right for me?

That's for you to decide but we would recommend you understand your flow and cycle before moving to a tampon. It’s completely up to you whether you continue to use pads or switch to a tampon - or even use a combination of both!

If you’re not sure when you should start
using a tampon

Have a look at
this article

How to use a tampon?

We’ve made two types of tampon specifically with you in mind. They're made to fit a younger body and suitable for light to heavy period flow.

They are called Lil-Lets Teens SmartFit™ tampons and come with or without an applicator.

It doesn't matter which type you go for as they both work in the same way once they're inside you.

The only difference is how you insert them.

Our Top Tampon Tips

For quick reference we've compiled a quick guide to what's good to know about tampons:

  1. First, read the leaflet inside the pack as it tells you the best way to insert and remove them, plus there's a section of do’s & don’ts and important Health & Safety info too.
  2. Don’t worry if you can’t insert a tampon the first time you try. It can sometimes take a bit of getting used to – but with practice you’ll be an expert in no time!
  3. RELAX. Get into a comfortable position and take some deep breaths - this will make the tampon easier to insert.
  4. Glide the tampon into place in a slanting direction towards the base of your spine.
  5. If you can feel the tampon once inserted, it’s not inserted high enough.
  6. Don’t worry, either use your fingers to push it in a little bit more or remove and try again with a new tampon.
  7. Some girls find that if they give a little cough just as they are about to insert the tampon, this helps them find the right position inside the vagina for the tampon to sit.
  8. It can take a bit of practice, so don’t worry if you need a few attempts before getting it right.
  9. Tampons must be changed every 4 - 8 hours or more often if needed. A tampon can be worn at night for up to 8 hours, just put in a fresh one before going to bed and remove as soon as you wake.
  10. Don’t use a tampon if you don’t have your period. If you think you might be due to start your period, wear a liner to protect your pants.
  11. Always remember to remove your last tampon at the end of your period.
  12. Never insert two tampons at the same time. If you need more protection you can use a higher absorbency sized tampon.
  13. It’s a good idea to switch to sanitary pads from time to time during your period and lots of girls choose to wear pads at night.

A guide to
your tampon

  • First, wash your hands.
  • Relax and give the cord a gentle tug.
  • If the tampon feels tightly held in place (like it's difficult to pull out), leave it a little longer but never leave it longer than 8 hours.
  • Once removed, the tampon can be wrapped in tissue paper and put in the bin. Do not flush the outer wrapper or the applicator tube down the toilet.
  • Now wash your hands again.

A guide to

If you are new to using a tampon, it can be pretty confusing and you may have a lot of questions about which tampon is right for you!


The truth is more than one may be right for you, just at different stages of your period.

Not all tampons are the same though!

Check out this video for
an explanation of why
this is so

Why are there
so many
different sizes?

We're all different and that's true about your period too. You might have a very light flow or a very heavy flow. This is why tampons are available in lots of different sizes or absorbencies as they are often called.


Here’s an example of what your period, also known as menstrual flow may look like.

flow chart

The higher the line goes up, the heavier your blood loss.

As you can see, your period flow can differ from day to day and if you use tampons, you may need to use different sizes for each stage of your period.

Some girls may use up to 3 different tampon absorbencies during their period.

Sometimes the 2nd and 3rd days of your period can be your heaviest and after this your period flow may start to get lighter.

But this is not true for everyone and you'll have to work out your own pattern as you become familiar with your period.

Why is it
to change
my tampon

By choosing the right size, you may avoid leaks if the tampon is too small and discomfort if the tampon is too big.


Also, it's important not to wear the same tampon for longer than the recommended time of 4 - 8 hours.

What should I be
looking for on
the pack?

Tampon packs carry lots of useful info on them.

Absorbency table

In fact there are four different ways to identify the right ones for you.

Absorbency – the amount of fluid a tampon can hold.

Droplet – is an image of a drop to signify how absorbent a tampon is; one droplet representing the smallest amount and six droplets in a row for the most absorbent.

Tampon size – is the name used to describe the different sizes available, for instance the smallest tampons are sometimes called Light ones or Lites, then we have Regular, Super, Super Plus, Super Plus Extra and then the largest absorbency size is called Ultra.

Menstrual Flow - describes the amount of blood loss you notice on any one day.

You'll also find tampon boxes are colour coded for quick reference, such as yellow for regular.

How will I
know if I've
got the
right size?

When you remove your tampon after 4 - 8 hours, if it feels tightly held and there is very little blood on the tampon, then try switching to a smaller size for the rest of your period.


On the other hand, if you notice a little blood on your underwear after wearing a tampon for less than 3 hours, try going up a size for a while. When you do this, you'll need to switch back down again, once your period starts to become lighter.

Some people
say the higher
the absorbency
you use,
the larger your
vagina is?

This is a complete MYTH!! The difference in the size of each tampon is very small indeed and the vagina can accommodate a tampon regardless of its absorbency. The size of tampon you need is actually based on how much blood you lose during your period.

What is TSS?

TSS stands for Toxic Shock Syndrome. It is a type of blood poisoning caused by common bacteria that live naturally on the skin. It’s extremely rare and can affect anyone at any age (both men and women). It can occur following burns, insect bites and after surgery after the skins natural defences have been damaged and the bacteria can be allowed to grow and make toxins.

It has also been reported for some women and girls when on their period and using a tampon so that’s why it’s very important to know what the symptoms are. It’s actually really, really rare and it’s unlikely you’ll ever experience it or even meet anyone who has as there are less than 40 cases in the UK per year. However, in a few cases it can be fatal, so is something you need to know about.

Here are the warning signs you should be aware of:

  • a sudden high temperature of 39°C (102°F).
  • sickness.
  • diarrhoea.
  • muscle aches.
  • dizziness.
  • feeling faint.
  • sore throat.
  • a rash that looks a bit like sunburn.

If you’ve been using a tampon and have any of these symptoms, remove the tampon straight away and tell an adult. They need to take you to your doctor or hospital as a precaution, just to make sure you haven’t got it. If you want to know more about TSS, visit


If you feel ready to move on from the Lil-Lets Teens range, why not give our Lil-Lets SmartFit™ tampons a go (the ones without an applicator).

Our SmartFit™ tampons (without an applicator) come in a whopping 6 different absorbencies to suit your flow: lite, regular, super, super plus, super plus extra & ultra and are perfect for when you’re active and on the move.

They are available in most major supermarkets, chemists or our Lil-Lets online shop from £1.59 to £3.49.


If you feel ready to move on from the Lil-Lets Teens tampon range, why not try our Lil-Lets SmartFit™ Applicator tampons.

Our SmartFit™ applicator tampons come in 4 different absorbencies to suit your flow: regular, super, super plus & super plus extra and are in a cute and discreet box.

They are available in most major supermarkets, chemists or our Lil-Lets online shop at about £2.39.



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