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Lil-lets Teen Wipes



Lil-Lets teens wipes are kind to your skin, have a fresh cotton fragrance and are totally flushable.

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Teens wipes

We want you to feel really good about yourself and one way of doing this is to feel clean and smell nice. Here are 8 great reasons for using Lil-lets teens wipes every day.

  • Even before your period arrives, use them when you visit the loo to keep you feeling fresh and clean.
  • If you’ve started your period, these wipes are perfect to use in between changing your tampon or pad.
  • Because they are pH balanced they will be kind to even your most intimate area and will not leave you feeling dry or sore.
  • Our lovely cotton fragrance and cranberry extract, will leave you smelling fresh every time you use them.
  • During puberty or after sports, you may sweat more and these will help you freshen-up.
  • They’re totally flushable, leaving you with no worries of how to dispose of them. (note - flush one wipe at a time).
  • They are available in a re-sealable pack which is pretty enough to keep in the bathroom and great for keeping them somewhere private, like your school bag.
  • You can buy them from our Lil-Lets online shop or at most large supermarkets, chemists and discount stores for around £1.59.

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"They are so kind to skin and I have given some to friends in past they loved them. Comfortable so no leaks allowed"


"this is soooo good"


"Can't wait to start using them they look amaze "


"These are amazing to use "


"Love it to bits!!!!!"

Cant wait!

"These sound great! Defiantly on my shopping list! "


"Really useful and good product but you need to add more into the packets because 12 isnt a lot so unfortunately I've moved onto a different brand with more in "


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