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Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button in the morning, picking up your school uniform off the bedroom floor before snatching a quick can of pop before you race out the door

Then you could be setting yourself up for a day filled with stress and anxiety and poor performance at school. Check out our morning program guaranteed to make you feel happier and in control throughout the day.

Don’t reach for your phone as soon as you wake up, we know you love to Snapchat and text, but really, is there anything so important that it can’t wait!!! Instead sit on the edge of the bed and breathe. Yes, taking a few deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, will help you relax and contemplate the day ahead. Experts believe that taking 10 deep breaths every morning drives more oxygen into the body leaving you feeling relaxed and focused.

Thank your lucky stars, and take a few moments to consider how great your life is! Yes, you may have the odd drama with your friends or parents, but by being grateful for what you have and reflecting on how well you handled something your outlook on the day will be positive, leaving you with a ‘can do anything’ attitude.

Would you ever consider going without a drink for eight hours straight during the day? Of course not! But this is exactly what you do at night. Drinking two large glasses of water in the morning before you drink or eat anything else will get a sluggish brain into action. It is also said to speed up your metabolism and relieve the body of any toxins produced whilst sleeping. It is also believed to be a great way of maintaining a healthy weight too.

Your early morning workout. We’re kidding; there’s not many of us who feel like incorporating a full workout to our morning routine, but many of us do wake up feeling stiff. So, take the time to stretch; touch your toes, bend from side to side and lift your arms in the air. This will increase blood flow to the body and more importantly your muscles, giving you more energy. It’ll increase concentration too.

Music is the key to life and what better way to get you in a good mood than listening to upbeat tunes as you get ready for the day ahead. Create your own morning playlist and put it on shuffle so you never know what tune is up next.

The mirror, mirror on the wall. How does that girl in school seem so confident and in control? Simple…she most likely takes a few minutes every morning to look in the mirror, smile and tell herself how great she is. It may feel a little embarrassing or forced at first, but you’ll be surprised how great a quick ‘pep’ talk can leave you feeling. Say something like;

  • “this is your day to shine”
  • “you can do this”
  • “how fabulous were you yesterday”

Don’t be a fashion scrambler. There’s a reason your mum makes you get your clothes ready the night before school, she knows this is logical and ensures you avoid any scrambling around the house, shouting out to her when you can’t find something. No one will ever feel good about themselves if they are constantly picking up crumpled clothes off the bedroom floor. So, prepare your uniform the night before, giving you more time in the morning to add a few little touches that will make you stand out from the crowd when in school.

Clean up after yourself. No one wants to come home to a messy bedroom and if you have taken on board our tips so far then there should be no reason for you to leave the house in disarray. Take your cups and plates out of your bedroom and put them in the sink, throw out that empty pizza box or chocolate wrapper and because you have already organised what you are wearing, the only thing you should have to put in the laundry bin is your PJ’s.

Map out your day, make this the very first thing you do when you get into class. It’s easy to get carried away with friends and the local gossip and forget that school is about learning and studying. Focus on three tasks you want to accomplish today and write them down. Your brain is a great memory tool, that often benefits from a visual reminder.

Make time for others and before the bell rings for first lesson, chat to friends or teachers, smile, ask them how their evening was. Compliment them, not only will this start their day off positively, they will also see you as someone they want to spend time with and who is super confident with a positive attitude.

What morning habits do you practice?

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Quick tip for girls that have little sisters if your slisterrs are crying make them laugh like hit yourself or say sorry.


great tips! helped alot.

Reply to ITZ_AVA

i am also definitely not a morning person, i wake up like 5 min before my bus leaves and usually miss breakfast. i find what helps me feel better is while im on the bus (i have a long bus ride, idk about you) i eat my breakfast and listen to music. hope that helps!


Just saying, if you feel down, in the morning, smile, even if you don't mean it, just try it, you'll feel better.

To Amanda :P

This may sound silly but even singing or humming to yourself can get you in a positive wake up mood. Hope that helped from Violet x


Oops! I only do like 2 or 3of these but will try and do more. I love this site. Thank you Vicki!!! X


I am NOT a morning person so I always wake up late and then what happened is I realise I have 10 minutes until I take the bus to school so, I don’t have time for any of this stuff 🙁


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