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Dates don’t care….

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If you find yourself worrying about how your crush feels about you and all the things you do, then read on, you may be overthinking this.


  • If you text first… Honestly they are often waiting for you to make the first move. Don’t feel you have to declare your undying love for them in a first text though, you could just as easily send them a funny joke, or cute picture. This will make him feel at ease when texting you back with no fear of rejection.
  • If you take a perfect selfie… Yes they may love Gigi Hadid, but they also love the funny, kooky side of you. So don’t feel every selfie you take has to be super cute or sexy. Pouts are so old fashioned now anyway.
  • How you dress in or out of school… A pair of jeans and trainers are just as attractive as a pair of heels and a skirt. The trick is to feel comfortable in what you wear, because if you don’t, they will notice and if you’re trying to dress sexy to attract them, they may find it intimidating and a turn off too.
  • If you don’t like the same music/movies/football teams as them... Part of the fun when getting to know someone is learning all about new things; their likes and dislikes. Just be sure to avoid criticizing his choices if they are not the same as yours.
  • If you like to eat… Then eat and don't talk about your latest diet or only having a salad. After all they like you just as you are and want you to enjoy a meal out without stressing.
  • If you change your hair... Don’t get too upset if your crush doesn’t notice your new bangs and don’t mistake their silence for disapproval. ?Some people just aren’t that bothered about small talk and giving out compliments.
  • If you don’t flirt… In fact they can find too much flirting a little embarrassing and scary. So don’t be afraid to be goofy and joke around. or even laugh at yourself, it’s just as attractive and will put them at ease too.
  • If your parents, try to make small talk… Remember they have parents too and they will be equally as cringe worthy in their eyes. They may even be a little relieved that your family are taking the time to get to know them and involve them in conversations.
  • Whether you ask them out first… Most people are just happy to know that someone is interested in them. Even if the answer is no, don’t be disheartened, say ok and let them know you still want to be friends. This confidence and maturity will impress them and it may be that they are not yet ready to date anyone.

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Dat lgbtq+ kid

@ les bean Yes our amazing community needs more representation as a pansexual aromatic asexual who is Demigender which is part of the non binary community I really would love to have more repsentatoin in general


i have a crush on a girl and they say 'boys dont mind' can't it be 'they dont mind' or 'your crush doesn't mind'???????????


Me and ma bestaay have a crush on da same guy Help!!!!


Is it normal to be excited, yet nervous about dating? I’m just scared about my parents reaction especially my dad… my mom is fine she was always fine and she didn’t make me feel conscious about anything so I’m just worried about what my dad will think when I bring in a boy or girl in the house when Im older. If anyone has any advice PLEASE answer! Thanks for reading!



Strawberry 3

I didn't do any events on sports day as I was scared that I would embarrass myself in front of my crush x And also, to GIGI don't worry about other boys, just chat and be yourself and you'll be fine x


this might be off topic for this blog, but I can't find one where this is the topic. I'm going into secondary school in September and I'm worried about boys. I want them to like me. Not 'like like' me, but I was just wondering about any tips? Sorry if this sounds weird. There were only three boys in my class in primary school, and they were fine and we all got on. Just worried about making friends, because I only know two people going to my new school.


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