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Developing breast buds is one of the first signs of puberty and a lot of girls find this part of growing up awkward and confusing. To help you learn everything there is to know about budding boobs, we’ve put together a few facts that will make everything feel clearer and more normal.

Every girl develops breast buds at different times to her friends. Some girls notice breasts starting to grow as early as seven years old, and for others, it can be in the later part of her teenage years.

  • Breast buds are the first indication that something is going on in this area…but what is a breast bud? Breast development, or to give it its technical name ‘thelarche’, starts with a small lump being noticed under the skin and behind the nipple about the size of a ten pence piece.
  • A breast bud can feel quite hard to the touch and is often tender or sore.
  • Budding boobs are made of tissue, milk glands and fat.
  • The nipple and areola (that coloured ring surrounding the nipple) may start to protrude and even look a little swollen as the bud starts to grow. Breast buds can feel itchy during this time as the skin starts to stretch and grow.
  • Breast buds don’t always develop at the same time and lots of girls can mistakenly think this lump is something more serious because it has only happened in one breast. This is not something to worry about. It can take up to six months for the other breast to start developing and this is completely normal.
  • Budding boobs don’t need support during this time, so there is no need to wear a bra. But if you experience tenderness, you may find a soft cup bra or crop top helpful.
  • Breast buds are not replaced by anything else, nor do they disappear. They simply continue to grow into the breast shape we all recognise.

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Thanks to all your comments my mind is .much relaxed. It does not matter how much female relatives tell you,it is still mind blowing when it happens


Thank goodness! I’ve been going through some change's, and I started to realize that I have one breast. I got kinda worried about, it but when I found this article, it put me to ease.


Are breast bud supposed to be painless after 4 months when I got it I didn’t even know my breast was hurting sb I was in the shower I felt a small tiny ball in my breast my soul 👀😩left my body it js shocked me I was js tryna figure out y it was hurting sb and I think I have one on my left side it js so tiny that it moves and my one on my right only time it hurts is when my whole breast hurt or when I’m on my war like my period but only if I’m not on those sometimes the lump/breast bud hurts so guys u can do research but I don’t think you will wanna do dat because your gonna think you gonna d*e but not my choice but guys or Vicki can you guys tell me if this is normal I had it for 4 months and after don’t hurt that much disappear and comes back on upper top by the Areloa but a lil upper I do research and sometimes I can’t find what I want it’s normal for girls to have dis I js don’t know js let me know thxs😭☺️Everyone is different so don’t think u have cancer breast cancer and btw I have lymph nodes but ima wait for a couple months or years


i don't know if i have a breast bud it doesn't hurt on my right side cuz when i was little that's the breast that was growing first i don't even know but thxs

Cute dog

I am 12 and I have had breast buds for so long!! I just want boobs! Is there anything I can do to make them grow faster?


Im 14 and have breast buds and they appeared over a year ago and have barely grew I am getting worried and feel like I will never get boobs or grow them


Thanks for being thete


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