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five simple steps to finding the
right bra size…

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Follow our easy step by step guide to finding the perfect fit for you without the tape measure! Here’s what to look out for.


First off, make sure your boobs are fully into the cups by lifting them as best you can with the opposite hand and placing them correctly into the cups to make sure they are sitting as they should.

*Now you’re ready for your size check list.


Signs to look out for if the cups are too big or even too small…

The top cup shouldn’t cut into your breast and there shouldn't be excess spillage out of the cups. You will see that it is too small if you can see a bumpy shape under your top when wearing the bra.

Also, if the bra isn't fitting smoothly against you and there's a gap between you and the under-band at the centre front, try the next cup size up and back size down.

Example: If you’re wearing a 34A you may need a 32B (going up a cup and down around the ribcage)

A) Too Small

Too small 1 Too small 2

B) Good Fit

Good fit 1 Good fit 2


You will see that the cup is too baggy. Look out for gaping, extra fabric or wrinkling on the top or bottom cup. This is a sign that you are wearing a bra that is too big in the cup.

*Try the next size down.

A) Too Big

Too big 1

B) Good Fit

Good fit 3


If you look in the mirror from the side, you will see if your under-band is riding upwards at the back. Your band should be at the same level all the way around and fit nice and snug on the middle hook. If it is riding up at the back, it's too big and not giving you the support you need.

A) Too big around the back

Too big 2

B) Good fit around

Good fit 4

Try sizing down for example; from a 34 back to a 32 under-band or moving your hook up a notch to tighten your band.

The under-band should feel level and secure and you should be able to get two fingers underneath and one at the centre front.

If you can’t fit any fingers underneath and it feels tight, you may need to go up a band size.


The support comes from the band, not the straps. If your band size is too big, you'll end up tightening your straps to compensate, which will result in too much pressure on your shoulders. If your band size is too small, your straps may be slipping off your shoulders.

A) Strap incorrect if over adjusted and pulling.

Over Adjusted

B) Strap incorrect if tight and lacking adjustment.

Lacking Adjustment

C) Strap correctly adjusted and under-band sits in the correct position.

Adjusted Correctly

Regularly check your bras to be sure they are fitting you the way they should be and giving you the support that you need.

Remember, as a teen or as you are entering into your teen years, your body will be constantly changing so make sure you check your fit again in 6 months time from when you bought your last bra.

A woman's body changes over time and bras stretch and lose their shape with repeated wear and washing. There are so many reasons your size can change over time- and so it's important to check your fit often.

It may be time to stock-up again, soon!

For more information on bras check out Redwood Girls.

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Hi!! I am just getting my first bra tomorrow and i wasn't sure what size i was to wear and this really helped me a lot. Thanks for the info girl❤❤❤


thanks a lot for this . I feel we girls need to get bra fitted at probably every 3 months . you might think that's too many times a year , but as teens we develop quite fast


Hi! I’ve been measured to be a 34A and my mum bought me a bra size 34A and 32A. The 32A bra band was too tight and the 34A bra band kept on going up my back. I adjusted the straps so they weren’t pulling the strap up but then the straps don’t pull up my bra properly and it looks baggy but the cup is the perfect size just not when the straps are loosened but when the straps are tight the band goes up my back! I don’t know what to do because the 32A band is too tight and the 34A band is a bit too loose! If only there was such a thing as a 33A! lol. But I’ve already pulled out labels of my 34A bra so I can’t send it back. I’m getting three more bras though, two 34A’s and one 32A (because they didn’t have a 34A) I hope it’s just the brand where the bands are a bit funny.


To #puberty struggles - I don't how old your post is, but I just read it now. Sorry If my advice is no longer relevant to you, but if it is, maybe it I’ll help some other girls with the same concerns as you. Don't worry about having to measure yourself at home and not having a proper cloth measuring tape. Any good store will have some trained and very knowledgeable ladies in the bra section . They can measure you. And don't worry about not already wearing a bra when you get measured..The sales lady I'm sure will have measured lot's and lots of 'first timers' before and will know how to find your correct size regardless. And no need to feel nervous or embarrassed about having a sales lady measure you. Most of them are really cool and will put you at ease. And usually they will take you into a fitting room to measure you, so it's completely private and out of sight. Plus it only takes about a minute and they measure you over you over your top your or shirt, so no need to feel nervous about that either. Hope this helps you or somebody else


Hi Whitmore, you could try measuring yourself! if you use a soft (paper etc) tape measure, put it around where your band would go. write this number down in cm or inches (if in inches, and the number is odd, round up!) label this as 1. then take the tape measure and put it around the fullest part of your chest. make sure for all of these, the tape measure is parallel to the floor. write this number down, and label it as 2. then take a measurement just below your armpits, and above your chest. write down this measurement, and label it 3. You can then send this over to Vicki, and check for your answer at the "your questions answered" page, or you can find lots of bra size calculators online. I hope this helps you and any other girls that are a bit confused about what to do! I have done this many times, so make sure you try it out! Good luck, and love from the UK, J XX


hi i have a training bra but its way to tight over my breasts . But none of the proper bras fit around my waste .And, if i dont wear a breast itch on my top so i dont know what to do.

Strawberry 3

Thanks Emily! I have written a note and now my mum said that she will have a chat about getting a bra. I'm nervous but excited. Thank you so much x


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