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#confidence, #puberty, #selfesteem

Did you know that more than 70% of girls are unhappy about their appearance and how they fit in with friends? And whilst they are quick to see the beauty in others, they rarely recognise it in themselves!


The truth is everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. It's normal to compare yourself to others. But it's not a fair comparison when you're comparing how you feel on the inside with the way others look on the outside.


If you can relate to
feeling like this,
then fear not.

#confidence, #puberty

Here's some tips to help you feel more positive and confident in the future:

  • Make the most of what nature gave you – whether you've got silky soft hair, lovely dark eyes, or the best looking nails, there'll be something about you that you like. So make the most of your favourite features.
  • Love yourself – you don't have to go round shouting about it, but it's important that you love who you are. When you help out at home or are supportive and kind to your friends, be pleased with yourself.
  • Be proud – if you do well in your homework or feel you handled an awkward situation the right way, then well done! When you do something well, keep doing it. Yay!
  • Learn to take criticism –The truth is whatever you do or don't do, not everyone will approve of it and that’s life. Behave in a way you approve of and accept people see things differently.
  • Find your own style – Rather than strictly following fashion, spend some time thinking about what really appeals to you rather than what others may think.
  • Thinking positively - It’s up to you to decide what’s important and how you handle everyday situations. If you get into the habit of thinking negatively, you may find this becomes second nature and you may end up being negative about everything.


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    Re; luna x from brooke

    HI luna x, I am so happy that finaly someone else is being homeschooled!!!! i am currently being homeschooled and im akward but not autistic!!!! I love how there is someone else on here being homeschooled!!!! You don't even know it!!!! You made my week!!!! XOXO brooke!!!!

    To Gigi

    Yes I totes agree! It really annoys me when people stereotype like that! I just also want to say though, that you are ALL so, so, so pretty girls. You can do anything. If someone tells you that your not worth it, then you just got to prove them wrong and show you what they're missing. Be brave and strong that's what confidence means. It does not just mean being the loud crazy one, although that is fine too. It means being happy and proud within yourself and letting your own light shine. Aurevoir - Kamila x


    Something that really annoys me is that on loads of videos and other places, the popular girl is pretty and dumb, and the nerd is smart and ugly. This is really weird, cause you can be popular smart and pretty, smart and pretty etc.

    To Shy girl ??

    I am the exact same! I am shy when I don't know them but with my friends and family I am a complete chatterbox. So pls people don't assume we are boring if we don't want to immediately be all loud and friendly. Have a great day xx


    Lol the only thing I like about my appearance is my naturally straight teeth. The rest of my face is literally pimples. But it doesnt matter, instead of worrying about the outside bit of you, try to think about how you are on the inside :)


    Wow this helped me I feel alot better now tnx

    Luna x

    I have been homeschooled all my life and now im awkward like sometimes when i go hyper i am normal but usually im really awkward like i just dont know what to say and im not autistic or anything but i have 2 friends, one of them is autistic and she talks to anyone and my other friend tries too hard to fit in and she is rude and she gives me looks all the time but sometimes shes alright also im still home schooled but i go to places like clubs and stuff but i just wanna say there is no need to be shy okay? im not shy im just awkward


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