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Get Some Colour In Your Life!

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It started with a book called ‘Secret Garden’ published in 2013 and wham bam, the world has fallen back in love with putting pen to paper. So ditch the ipad, iphone or mobile and make the most of the long winter nights by sitting down and letting your imagination run wild, with vibrant colours and clever shading.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the new breed of colouring books will be full of cartoon characters. These fabulous books are very intricate and whether you have a passion for animals, flowers of crazy patterns there will be a book for you.

Experts are also claiming that there are certain health benefits to be had by taking part in this hobby.

  • If you are finding it stressful revising or keeping up with school work. Then taking the time to colour will allow your brain to step into relaxation mode, allowing you to switch off.
  • Teenagers often struggle with their journey to becoming an adult, wondering if it is ok to revisit childhood games without appearing babyish. If this is you, colouring in is ideal if you feel caught between childhood and adolescence.
  • If you struggle to focus in lessons, then ensuring you stay within the lines when colouring may be a great way to train your brain to concentrate on one particular thing in a totally non-stressful way.

Here we take a look at our Top 3 colouring books on the market.

The Great British Cake Off

If you love baking but find cooking messy, then this book is ideal from the Book People

The Book People £3.99

The London Colouring Book

If you’ve always wanted to see the sights of London, but live too far away, then this one from The Works is a must have.

The Works £2.00

Festive Christmas Colouring Book

With Christmas almost upon us, what better way to get into the festive spirit than this colouring book, from Amazon.

Amazon £3.99


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I personally think that coloring is for TODDLERS! But that is just my opinion Xx


ohhh i like coloring Great job vicki!!!!


Vicki does a really great blog on this topic if you want to check it out x


I love these colouring books😊

Dancing girl

I love art and colouring. Do you find that some of these are really expensive!!?




At my school they do a colouring club which is really fun and quite relaxing. I love completing a picture!


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