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I’ve just
my period

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That's great! It's a sign you're becoming a young woman. Lots of girls start off using pads. Ask your mum, sister or aunt for some so you’re always prepared. Before you go to bed, you may want to switch to specially designed night time pads that'll give you a little bit more protection until you wake up the next morning.

How long will it last?


Your period is likely to last for about 2 - 5 days (but could be up to 10).


coffee may
increase PMS


When will
I get the
next one?

Once you're in a regular pattern, it'll arrive between 21 - 34 days later. But to start off with, it could take longer than that. It can take your body between 12 - 18 months to fall into its own regular pattern.


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A xx

This is just a bit of advice!! Some of you may know when your period starts but for me my tummy hurt a bit so I went to the loo and there was blood in my knickers. My mum had got me some lil lets pads so I put one of them in but I didn’t tell my mum immediately because I was embarrassed but please tell your mum ASAP because she’s there to help you and she’ll be really nice to you, trust me <3. I think my period will end soon as it is day three but last night not much came out and today there was a bit but your body takes time to regulate itself so maybe carry a pad or two in your pocket as you don’t want to be caught out. And remember, it’s completely natural so there’s nothing to be ashamed about xx


I started my period yesterday 😁😁😁 so happy I've wanted to start for 4 years. if 13. I was so excited I couldn't get to sleep until 4 o'clock this morning 🤣


You got this and dont be afraid to ask for help


I didn't just start my period but waiting on my 5th to come any day now. :)

i started

I literally just started as I was reading this blog. it seems rigged lol (laughing crying face)


#Onmy4thperiod :|

bunny wabbit

If you're reading this and you haven't yet started your period, or even if you have and your periods are irregular. ALWAYS CARRY PADS/TAMPONS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO!!! I was lucky to start my period when I was home but it can happen any time, and more than likely it will come when you don't want it to lol. The fun part is to you get to pick out a cute bag to carry it around in. My mom and I went shopping for one and I found a really cute mini backpack bag! :D


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