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Tips for managing
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As you grow up, you may start to notice your emotions and moods changing. This may have an impact on everyone around you too.

Mood swings are normal but it's good to try to control them, so that you don’t go round hurting anyone else’s feelings.

It's good to know these feelings don't last forever (hurrah!). The changes in your behaviour are just part of becoming a young adult.

When you're not feeling yourself, here are some tips that may make life a little easier:

  • Talk to someone about how you're feeling.
  • If you're feeling angry, try counting to 10 until the feeling has passed.
  • When you're at home and start getting irritated or upset with someone in your family, let them know that you need some time alone and go to another room for half an hour or so.
  • It’s no one’s fault that you feel like this, so be nice to yourself. Life has its highs and lows just like a rollercoaster and this can be exhausting! Your body and brain are working extra hard to keep up with all the changes that are happening.
  • If you see your friends are struggling with how they're feeling, let them know you're there for them if they want to chat.


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thanks for the info lil-lets teens

Gothgrrrlpwr to millie

It is wrong for a boy to comment on your appearance. They to not understand how much we try to impress them I advise you to say something like 'did you just say that?' Because bullying will get worse if you seem angry and he will not know how to react to being challenged

Hedgehog 1234

Hi, i am so close to being 12, sos thta in said i was twelve in my other one because im SOOOOO close to being 12. Anyway, i get really stressed over tiny things like getting the answer wrong or being a disappointment to everyone that i try to hide my feelings. we have a leavers play soon and im going to secondary school. IM soooooooo scared. Anyone have a tips pls


This reley helped I will do this next time THANK YOU :)


Heeeellllllloooooooo people of the earth

- Some advice please?

Hey! It’s me… again! Sorry for the endless comments. I am diagnosed with social anxiety and I am waiting for the results on my autism test. I am receiving counselling and support for this but my school which is where I have the most anxiety doesn't offer me any support. I was left outside my lesson and threatened that if I missed the lesson, I would be ERed which means I would be in isolation and an after school detention, when in reality they.have said they'd support me and they don't..


i find my parent rrly annoying and get so mad at them all the time. I also just got a pricing I'm not supposed to have and am hiding it from them, if they ever find out i'll be grounded forever.


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