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Peer pressure

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Peer Pressure

Having likeminded friends is great, but what do you do if they are asking you to do things against your will or better judgement.

What is a ‘peer’?

Peer is the name given to friends or people you know similar in age to yourself and with whom you share the same likes and dislikes. They can be friendship groups in school or in local clubs, even cousins who are around your age can be classed as your peers.

And it’s great having friends who share your interests and you can chat to and it’s only natural that you will listen to their advice and learn from it. But what about when that friendship starts to change into something less fun and you feel pressured to act, think or look a different way. This is then called Peer Pressure.

Say No

As friends you most likely make lots of decisions every day together and as a group; where to meet, what you want to eat and how you feel about a band or TV show. But if you are being asked to like or do something that you feel is not right for you, you have the right to say NO. ‘No’ can be a hard word to say, but if done in a positive manner it will feel good. So stick to what you believe to be right without disregarding your friend’s views and you may find others start to respect your honesty and feel less pressured too.

They say:
“Anyone who doesn’t like One Direction can’t be in our group.”

You say:
“It’s great you like this band but for me I think The Vamps are better, I guess we are all different and that’s what makes our group so great”

Be creative

Be the person in the group that suggests new activities for you all to do, be open to the fact that some may not go along with this idea or that you may have to amend your plans a little to keep everyone happy.

Be Individual

Ok…you and your friends like the same things, but that does not mean you have to dress the same or buy expensive items simply because others in the group have. And don’t let anyone tell you that you have to spend a lot of money to look good or to be part of the group. Most top models and celebrities are huge fans of High Street stores and Charity shops. So be confident, wear what you like, what suits you and what makes you feel good.

Serious Requests

Asking you to smoke, drink alcohol or take part in sexual activity is the sort of peer pressure you have to stand up to. They may do it in a lighthearted way, saying “don’t be a baby everyone does it”. The general rule is that if your first reaction is to back away and say no, it is the correct route to follow. You can easily defend your decision to decline their offer by letting them know that smoking, drinking alcohol or having sex, does not make you cool and can in most instances make someone look and act very silly.

Even if others in your group have decided to join in, don’t feel this means you should, simply because everyone else is doing something, doesn’t make it right!

If you still want to hang out with this group of friends find a get out clause that will mean you can still be with them without taking part in anything that makes you uncomfortable. Rehearse some good excuses.

  • If you’re sporty let them know you are training and alcohol or smoking would affect your performance.
  • If you are at a party and feel under pressure, call home and fain illness and ask your parents to come and collect you.
  • Or quite simply let them know that if your parents, older or younger siblings found out you would be in some serious trouble and that you don’t need that kind of hassle at home.
  • Give them examples of people who have regretted doing these things and as such you are way too smart to make the same mistakes.

Like minded Friendships

If being in your current friendship group is becoming too pressured for you, consider finding a group of friends with whom you share the same interests. Hanging out with the cool kids just to fit in is not always as much fun as it looks. ~Be with people who feel the same way you do and find friends who will speak up and support you and who like you for who you are without trying to change you. Remember too if you see someone being pressured, step in and speak up for them.


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RE: HAPPI Don't be afraid to wear what you want to, this may even become a trend! Wearing your own choice of clothes also shows you aren't afraid to step away from the crowd, and if anyone makes fun of you, just say : "I'm wearing what makes me feel comfortable, so why don't you try it out yourself?"


If you feel pressured then it is probably peer pressure. I feel the same at my school and I worry what others think of me. Be strong as if you like it then it doesn't matter what others think and if they are your friends who you worry about judging you then they won't judge you but if they do they probably aren't great friends anyway xx

Not confident

At school and stuff I always feel like I have to like what everyone else likes because otherwise I think they'll think I'm weird. does this happen to other people? Is this peer pressure?


Hey chubby duck. Its fine . they won't judge you. If ur embaressed send them a txt. !) I did it. also people in my class we're peer pressuaring people 2 smoke. I'm 11 nearly 12


Thanks Vicki! This isn't my first day visiting your blog, and I've learned and taken so much information and advice already! Thanks! Xoxo

chubby duck

im attracted to girls AND boys (thats being bi innit?) and i dont know how to come out to my friends... /friend... /person i talk to alot./ myself. no but srsly.. if i like girls im not gonna tell my parents.. im too afraid!! ohh idek advice anyone?? i’ll be checking back anyways so plz leave some advice.. (oml for this one comment i had to spend ages on the ‘are u human’ thing like oml ok i’ve commented on other blogs here like a bajillion times and im human mkay?? lmao godddd)


I never give to peer pressure, or atleast I think I don't... the thing is when a group of "populars" start to wear trendy and cool clothes, I always catch on and wear the same thing! Sometimes I just want to wear or incorporate something to my own style, but I am too scared of what people might think of my clothes. What do I do?


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