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Sexual Arousal – What’s
happening to my body!

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You may have noticed that sometimes when you see your crush, read something, or watch a TV show or movie that depicts things of a romantic, or sexual nature you feel a little excited and your body starts to change. Well don’t worry this is very normal and called sexual arousal.

Kissing, cuddling or touching of the breasts or genitalia (your ‘down there’ bits) can also leave you feeling different and this can be a strange and unexpected feeling for many teens.

What happens?

  • Your pulse and breathing may speed up as blood starts to pump through your body and to your genitals in preparation for sexual intercourse. This will happen even if you have no intentions of being sexually active and is done automatically as your nervous system sends messages to the brain.
  • You may become flushed, feel a little warm, especially on the chest and neck, due to the blood vessels opening. This can be a little embarrassing, especially if you are sitting with others and don’t want them to know you are feeling sexually excited.
  • When a female becomes aroused (turned on), the blood vessels in her genitals expand and many people claim to feel a pulsing in this area when this happens, it’s nothing to be frightened of and quite a natural sensation.
  • Increased blood flow to the vaginal walls will cause fluid to pass through them. This is often called lubrication, which makes the vagina feel wet and it can take a matter of seconds to be noticed once you’re aroused. Some people confuse this with discharge but they are very different. See What Is Discharge?
  • The external genitalia or vulva (including the clitoris, vaginal opening, and inner and outer labia may become swollen too as blood continues to be pumped to this area of the body.
  • Breasts may increase in size, just a little and as blood continues to flow to the breast area, your nipples and areola may change shape too.

None of these changes are permanent and once arousal has subsided your body slowly returns to normal, with any swelling to the breasts and vulva reducing and your heart rate slowing down.

Remember that these feelings are completely natural and part of human nature, but if you find them getting in the way of everyday life, then you can learn to manage these feelings when they appear. Get up and get busy, make a drink or pop to the toilet, if you are unable to leave the room, focus on something else, such as what you have planned for tomorrow to distract you. Turn off your TV, close the book or close down the PC or ipad you have been viewing.

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Is there a way to stop it

To 'Armidillostar'

If you are under 16 years old then it's illegal to watch porn


I get wet down there just by watching porn,.. I hope that's normal


I mastrabate a lot I started when I was ten and I am 12 now it feels good there is nothing wrong with it


it's pretty cool that this website chooses to teach young girls about their bodies. i'm 17 and i never learned about any of these things until recently. i thought i was weird... and everything i felt was "bad" or "unnatural." thank you for helping young girls!

Piper Rochelle ??

It’s good to know about woman hood


hii, im 12 and i recently found out about masturbation properly when i came apon a ways to feel calm blog on snapchat. I did it without knowing it was a thing since year 3. I haven't got my period yet but when i masturbate, i feel sexual, is this normal


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