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We’d love to hear all about the first time you used a tampon, to help other girls who are considering using tampons for the first time your experience.


  • What made you decide to use a tampon?
  • Who you discussed using tampons with, friends/mum.
  • Did you use non-applicator or applicator tampons and why?
  • How was your first time?
  • How do you feel about using tampons now?


I was the last of my friendship group to get my period and the last to use tampons too. The Summer was here and I felt self-conscious wearing pads, I felt it was time to make the move to tampons.

My friends all used non-applicator tampons, but all we had in our bathroom were cardboard applicator ones. So, my first experience was using an applicator tampon, but try as I might I couldn’t release the tampon and ended up leaving the cardboard inside too.

Then when back in school my bestie gave me a Lil-Let regular tampon and said I may find it easier to use my finger to get the tampon into place.

It took a little practice but by the second month I was an expert and felt so much more confident and secure from leakages.

Lil-Lets have been my product of choice ever since.


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LearnFromMyMistake :)

Hey! This is my first tampon story! :) So I'd only had 4 periods so far, and really wanted to start and try tampons. For me, I've never been really scared or nervous to try them. So I finally convinced my mom to let me use tampons, we went to the store behold I got a box of regular tampons that I had been wanting to get for a while. I was excited ;). But when I got them, I wasn't on my period. It was supposed to arrive in a couple of days, but me being me, I couldn't wait. And wanted to try them right away without being on my period. (HUGE MISTAKE) So we get home and I go to the bathroom and get all ready. Sit on the toilet and tbh it actually wasn't hard at all to put it in, it just kinda went up there. Everythings fine it's going well, and now I want to take it out cuz obviously there is no point to keep the tampon in, I'm not on my period. I go to take it out and I gently tug on the string. OH NO. It didn't budge, So I get in the shower and while the water is running I'm literally sitting on the bottom trying to get water to get in there so maybe the tampon would get a little wet so it would be easier to get out. I realize I'm just gonna have to yank that baby out of there. I stand up and get ready. 1. 2. 3! It SLOWLY comes out. But once it was out it was a relief. I will say I was actually a little sore the next day but I was okay. :) So please learn from my experience and DON'T be me and just try a tampon just to try it if ur not on ur period. But now that I've had a couple of periods, I tried the tampon again and it didn't hurt one bit to take out, and now tampons are my favorite product! So that's my story, hope you enjoyed reading, and thanks for reading it all!! xx


so my first tampon story started when i was at home and decided i should start using them to get used to them for summee and i used it and found it difficult but got there in the end then it was fine just a bit uncomfortable then i took it out but it wouldn’t come out cuz it was dru and it’s the worst pain ever

I love my cat

I had stolen 2 of my cousins plastic applicator tampons right after my second period because I was to embarrassed to ask for my own, flash forward to my 3rd period I get scared to put it in so I watch 6 how to videos and read 3 how to put in a tampon article, make sure I know where everything is, and then I grab the tampon sit with my knees apart try too relax then do exactly what they did in the videos, it felt fine inserting it then I stand up and I don’t feel the tampon so I know I did it correctly, then a few hours later I tug at the tampon and it didn’t come out so I spread myself as far as I could then pulled really hard and it came out, my mom still doesn’t know I tried tampons cause I never told her

Response to ??Girl

I just started my period (im 13) I wanted it so bad too because all my friends had theirs! BUT PLEASE TRUST ME! Enjoy the time now without having to worry about leaking all over the place, changing your pad/tampon, cramps, diet, etc. My first period has been very heavy which sucks, but it's different for everyone!


I was about to go shopping with my mum after school, right as we were about to leave I went to the toilet and I noticed I had a bit of blood in my pants, my reaction was shocked and upset at the same time because I didn’t want it 😂 so I got in the car and I told my mum, she gave me her pad which was massive and then I put in and we left to go shopping. We walked into boots and we bought some lil-lets teens day&night pads which I found really good and Way smaller. I started on November 4th 2020 and Ive realised its not all that bad when it actually starts happening to you and you get used to it. (It’s still a bit of a shock to me )

Dixie damilo

Where can I find good quality tampons?


so im a 12 year old competitive swimmer and i swim 5 times a week. I knew that my period would come soon and i got mine in lockdown last week and i had just turned 12. My older sister and my mum got theirs at 14 but i have always been more developed than my sister and most of my swimmer friends. So we r-estarted swimming today for the first time since lockdown and yesterday i went to the sea with my family. I had to use a tampon for the first time and it was my first period. My older sister told me what to do. It wasn't that hard to put in. My advice if you are scared to try one is- is just try!


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