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5/27/2017 8:12:46 AM

what is a fantasy pregnancy

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5/27/2017 7:53:17 AM

Hi vicki. I'm in a bit of an unsure state, shall we say. I go to this drama class and I'm in year 9 (I'm 14) and I've never had a proper boyfriend before but there's this guy that goes there and he's in the year above (year 10- he's 15) but I really like him and I think he likes me back but I'm not sure what to do. Do ypu think I should ask if he likes me or do I wait until he says something? Thank you

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5/27/2017 7:40:21 AM

How to get rid of spots quickly

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Leave them alone, avoid putting foundation or concealer which may aggravate them and simply by keeping your skin clean they will disappear in a day or so.

See the blog - Be skincare savvy


5/27/2017 7:20:13 AM

I just noticed, my discharge is becoming less and less daily, does this mean I will have my period soon? (I've been having discharge for a year and 6 months) - Hannah.

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5/27/2017 6:19:00 AM

urges to self harm I'm not sad or depressed I just really want to. I used to do it because I'd be mentally distressed (sad, guilty or frustrated) but now I do it when I feel the urges but nothing really triggers them. (About every few weeks although I've only done it once without a reason). I thought id stop when the feelings went away but I can't seem to.

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5/27/2017 6:10:27 AM

First can I say sorry if this sounds gross! I haven't started my period yet, but yesterday I saw spots of blood in my pants. This has been happening for a day now and when I wee, there is more blood. I don't know if it's my period or not but there's only spotting in my pants and quite a lot of blood when I wee.

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This does appear to be your first period and the blood you notice when you go for a wee, is simply blood that has collected around your vulva and entrance to the vagina, being washed away as you urinate. Consider wearing a pant liner for this very light flow to keep you and your underwear fresh and clean.


5/27/2017 4:03:40 AM

Y do my period pains only come at night and how do I get rid of them

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5/27/2017 3:57:36 AM

hi vicki, so i like this boy but he is always giving me this mixed signals he knows i do like him but he said i don't know when people ask him if he likes me back but i know he talks about me. then my other friend likes him too and someone told her he called her pretty and he said i wasent but to my friend he said i was honestly i feel like he's a player but i've known him for a while but now i don't know what should i do or how to get over him

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5/26/2017 11:37:02 PM

Hello Vicki, I have recently purchased mascara, foundation and a light pink lip crayon. It is for my dance recital and other auditions, but I couldn't help trying it out. I really love how this makeup compliments my face! I was wondering if I should start wearing makeup in high school since I will be entering grade nine in September. I know that people have told me that "you don't have to wear makeup to be beautiful" but I really like how I look. What should I do?

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5/26/2017 11:14:55 PM

Dear viki, my friend is having bisexual feelings but his family does not support it he tried to contact childline but he could get through to them I support him no matter what but we are only eleven any advice? Xoxo princess

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