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3/22/2017 4:44:41 PM

Thanks Vicki, I know that I can rely on you, my mum, my aunt and my nanna

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3/22/2017 4:08:47 PM

Hi vicki, its susan and i have this problem about being heavy chested, i wear a 36 H bra. Ive got a lot of random strangers hitting on me, ive also actually gotten alot of shoulder pain lately. Ive tried to find clothes that don't bring out my boobs but they always show. Ive also been stalked by this man when I had been visiting my bff, he kinda just walks or looks at me for some time. It has only happened 2 times thoe, Should I call the police or something? I'm a little scared

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3/22/2017 2:00:56 PM

Hi vicki. So me and my friends were having swimmimg yesterday at school, and i was just about to Take of my bra when i heard a classmate say "why does she wear a bra? Shes flat like a board" and i heard laughing. Every girl in my class is big chested. My friends kinda laughed too but hid it. I have never felt anything so harsh and i havent Been bullied before! So me and my mom got me pushup bras because i dont want that to happen again, but i didnt tell her about what happened. should i tell her? And is a 32 c a small size? because i dont know how bra sizes work and the lady in the store said i was that size.

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3/22/2017 12:15:57 PM

Why so i pee red stuff?????!!

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3/22/2017 11:35:39 AM

Hi Vicki!! I have a problem. It's kind of stupid, but here we go. I'm overweight (but i'm pretty confident and loving my body) and i'm trying to lose some weight so I've been eating more healthy and cutting down on snacks and sweets, but it's kind of hard, since every month, when i get my period, I get extreme chocolate cravings. Nothing helps. I always go to the store and buy chocolate. At least a 100g bar, usually more. Then I eat the whole thing in like an hour. I just finished one, but i need to know how can I suppress my appetite? I can't keep eating loads of chocolate if i'm trying to lose weight.. Also, i've tried, dark chocolate doesn't work. I need help.

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3/22/2017 10:49:28 AM

Hi vicki! It is natalie, and i was wondering at what age should you start wearing a bra?

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3/22/2017 7:31:25 AM

Hi I'm really annoyed cos my period is late and I'm going on a school trip next week abroad where I'll be staying in a house with a family as it's a language trip and I really don't wanna be on my period then I just want it to come now but it's not it's so frustrating!

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3/22/2017 7:25:37 AM

Hi Vicki!! Do you believe that people have several lives? I mean that after they die they are born a different person and might even have memory of their previous life? Also, there are these things called karmic dreams where you see your past life and I think I had one once. I wrote it all down aswell. In my dream I was a different person and a different age and It took place in the past and in a different country. In the dream I was probably forced to be religious and that religion almost killed me.. I woke up before I was possibly killed. But right now I don't have a religion, I just dont believe in anything.. But it's also said that beliefs and fears are connected to your past life. Like if you drowned in a past life, you might be afraid of water.. I'm sorry for the long ramble and it probably didn't even make sense and sounds too stupid to believe in, but I want to know your thoughts..

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3/22/2017 6:57:06 AM

I've been on and off dating this guy for five years now. We fight all the time, we spend more time arguing than we do not. Some things he's done to me in the past have taken things a step too far, and I've never fully forgiven some things he's done. But we still really care about each other. He's moving to Australia and I don't know what to do? Should I try and make the most of our time left or distance myself? And when he moves should we try and stay friends or just give each other a fresh start?

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3/22/2017 6:51:23 AM

Hi I'm thinking of switching to cloth pads ( reusable) and really want to make my own but don't know how to speak to my mum and at school when it's summer what do I do?

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