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Lil-lets Teens Panty Liners


Liners, pant liners
or panty liners

Although they’re known by a few different names, they still work in the same way and are pretty useful to have around.

Lil-Lets Teens panty liners have been specially designed for you as they are smaller and are able to fit a younger body. They come in handy, re-sealable pouches so you can discreetly carry them with you and change them when you are out and about without any fuss. Nice!

Why are Lil-lets teens liners so useful?

  • They make you feel nice and fresh. Yay! :)
  • They stop you worrying about when your period will start as your underwear will be protected.
  • They're perfect for absorbing discharge - (a fluid that is released from the vagina).
  • They’re useful at the start and end of your period when it’s very light.
  • It's a great way of avoiding those embarrassing sweat marks you may get from sitting on plastic chairs in class.
  • They stick easily onto your pants and are small enough to carry in your bag without being noticed.
  • At the end of your period, blood loss becomes a lot less and it's difficult to know when you have completely finished. Wearing a liner gives you total protection until you have.
  • You can buy them from most large supermarkets, chemists and discount stores or our Lil-Lets online shop for around £1.59.

If you’re unsure about whether to use liners or pads

Have a look at this article

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"I think lillet teen products are great becaise as a 12 year old pads cam be way to big and i find lilets are jusy the perfect size"


"Great liners~ used for soaking discharge or as a precaution of a period arriving. Highly recommend. "

the monkey :-)

"Haven't started my period yet but have been getting discharge and used these for the first time today - were perfect size and would definitely recommend as i felt much more comfortable"


"Relationships and sex education teacher has given us a gift box each which I find useful as every now and again I get discharge Will definitely use them when my periods start"


"Due to start my period in about a week. Do you know if they sell these in Tesco? Just wondering."


"I absolutely love these they are great! Would definitely recommend this over other liners. 😊"


"I really want one I think I'm going to be starting my first period this week please helpp"


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