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Lil-lets Teen Wipes



Lil-Lets teens wipes are kind to your skin, have a fresh cotton fragrance and are totally flushable.

Teens wipes

We want you to feel really good about yourself and one way of doing this is to feel clean and smell nice. Here are 8 great reasons for using Lil-lets teens wipes every day.

  • Even before your period arrives, use them when you visit the loo to keep you feeling fresh and clean.
  • If you’ve started your period, these wipes are perfect to use in between changing your tampon or pad.
  • Because they are pH balanced they will be kind to even your most intimate area and will not leave you feeling dry or sore.
  • Our lovely cotton fragrance and cranberry extract, will leave you smelling fresh every time you use them.
  • During puberty or after sports, you may sweat more and these will help you freshen-up.
  • They’re totally flushable, leaving you with no worries of how to dispose of them. (note - flush one wipe at a time).
  • They are available in a re-sealable pack which is pretty enough to keep in the bathroom and great for keeping them somewhere private, like your school bag.
  • You can buy them from our Lil-Lets online shop or at most large supermarkets, chemists and discount stores for around £1.59.

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"I love these wipes! I bought these at Boots for £1.00 and I also got the Teens Starter Kit which I keep in my schoolbag. The handy thing is that I can fit the pack of wipes in the Starter Kit so it is all packed up together, ready for me to use whenever I need it!"


"Great wish u coyld get them free"


"I love the wipes! Haven't got my period yet but I use them and they feel nice and don't irritate my skin. Maybe if they were a tot bit cheaper that would be better. "


"Where can I get teen fresh up wipes sachets from"

Being a Girl x

"(I already added a review but this is a suggestion!) I think you should make the wipes in the sachets again! It would be so much easier! Just pop a couple in your bag/period kit! Or you could have them in the pack and a box of sachets! For on the go! Xx "

Being a Girl x

"I really like these wipes as they are flushable! I just wish they were a tiny tot bit cheaper! I know it doesn't seem much money but maybe they could be £1, just a suggestion! Anyway I will be purchasing some more once I've finished my pack! I use these for after discharge as I've not started my period yet x"


"Can I have a free sample please?"


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