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7/16/2019 3:23:55 PM

Hi vicki, Im 15 and recently joined a new girl group after growing apart from my old friends. At first everything felt like it was going well but now I have a constant anxiety that they dont want me around, find me annoying and dont want to be my friends. One think that particularly bothered me is when the all posted on snapchat how much they missed each other (as its the school holidays) but I wasnt mentioned. Also feel like they frequently read my messages and dont reply. Today I asked one of them if she was free to hang out but she said no as her hamster had died and she didnt feel like it (fair enough) but then I see her on my others friends snapchat story. Im not sure if them not liking me is all in my head but its really getting to me and Im struggling. Any help would be appreciated :)

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I am sure as you continue to bond with this new group of friends you will start to be included more in their chats. For now get involved when possible and suggest some places you can all go, or simply ask "What are you all up to this week, I'd love to come along."


7/16/2019 2:57:08 PM

Dear viki I am a dancer so I have to were a leotard and they hug your figure alot which makes me feel insecure about my figure, it also makes the fact that your wearing pads sssssooooo obvious. I know that your probably going to say wear a tampon instead but my mum and I don't like wearing tampons because of past experiences, so I'm not sure what to do. Love a confused and insecure tween

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Hi, why not consider wearing our Lil-lets teens pads or liners for when wearing a leotard, they are both shorter and narrower than other brands and very discreet.


7/16/2019 9:47:27 AM

Hi Vicki, Just over a month ago my boyfriend of nearly two years broke up with me because he doesnt love me anymore. Hes now saying he needs space because hes not sure how he feels (he doesnt know if he wants to get back with me or not). I respect this and only want what will make him happy, but now I cant stop thinking about all the things Ive done wrong. Ive apologised to him in general about my behaviour because I felt I have neglected him and I have anxiety and I think it took over in our relationship the past couple of months, but now I cant stop thinking of specific situations that I feel I hurt him and I just want to apologise and talk to him about it but I cant because he wants space but I feel so guilty and so bad. For example the day before he broke up with me he was talking to me but I was looking at another guy in my class because the night before he told me something bad and I was worried about him and my boyfriend knew at the time I was worried about him but I feel awful because my concentration wasnt on my boyfriend and he was talking to me and then I started telling the guy not to worry because i could tell he was worried but I mouthed it because he was across the room and my boyfriend was looking at us both and I cant remember if I explained it to him or not and now I feel I need to explain what happened because Im scared I hurt him. I dont really know what my question is but how do I stop obsessing over the things I did wrong and let my boyfriend have space, were on summer holidays so its just a matter of not texting him but its so hard when I feel I need to apologise and explain myself for every mistake I made. Thanks

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7/16/2019 8:06:35 AM

80 88 72cm. Were you supposed to measure all the way around your rib cage?

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7/16/2019 7:55:22 AM

Hi this is YTO541, I just wanted to say thank you so much viki!!

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7/16/2019 2:01:13 AM

Whats my bra size, under: 33 on:35 top: 34 sorry if I did it wrong I dont know exactly how to do it

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7/16/2019 1:54:15 AM

My boobs are starting to feel round and kind of hard, why do they feel hard?

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This is because of your breast buds, that start to grow under the breast and behind the nipple, you can find out more about breast budding by reading the blog below.


7/16/2019 12:10:10 AM

My best friend has a crush on a boy who bullies me. Once I was walking up stairs and he was walking down and he said move out the way fatty. My friend was there and I asked her if she still liked him and she said that he was really hot. This makes me upset because he has always treated me horribly and left me out of stuff that he lets other people do and she will do nothing about it!!! It makes me upset

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7/16/2019 12:04:06 AM

Hi I am really upset about my bra size because I hear a lot of people complaining about how small their boobs are and my boobs are 34D I really don't want them to get bigger and all my friends make jokes about it but I can't really wear anything without my boobs sticking out

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7/15/2019 11:52:23 PM

i measured my chest at 35 in. what size bra do i need?

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