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5/31/2020 7:27:07 AM


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5/31/2020 3:16:36 AM

Does the first period hurt ?

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5/31/2020 3:00:47 AM

There is a good amount of soft tissue underneath my breast bud. It is soft to the touch behind my hard bud. Will the soft tissue grow in amount later

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5/31/2020 2:23:10 AM

I have been having puffy areolas since December and its so annoying and I hate it! I kept searching online and all the blogs talk about how puffy areolas arent normal. I am 13 and I got breast buds last year. Will my puffy areolas disappear when my breast bud become tissue?

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5/31/2020 12:17:51 AM

Hi, it's a bit embarrassing but anyways, for about 2-3 days now my stomach will hurt so bad, and so I go to the toilet.. And it's so painful, last night I fell asleep and then woke up to my stomach hurting so bad so I went to the toilet and the same thing happened, but it actually woke me up, and then just an hour ago my stomach really hurt so I went to the toilet and it was extremely painful, and now my butt hole stings really bad when I move or anything, I'm on my period yes but that has nothing to do with the toilet, or my butt, I'm really worried about this but too embarrassed to tell someone because it's just embarrassing, what do you think I could do? xx

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5/30/2020 11:30:58 PM

Im 21, and my nipples are still totally inverted, they always have been. but now im starting to think about the future and how breast feeding etc will work?

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5/30/2020 10:42:13 PM

Just so you know you are a real wonder to society and the next generation of girls- you dont know how much we appreciate you and i really mean it <3

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5/30/2020 10:40:07 PM

I have a terribly messed up sleep schedule and most if my friends do to, how do i fix mine and help them? I recently bought a diffuser to spray lavender around that calms me down and supposedly helps me sleep but to no avail. Also soon i am moving rooms and getting a double bed, will a larger bed make a difference and a sunnier side of the house?

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5/30/2020 10:37:15 PM

Is underwire bad if ive had buds for w years but only been wearing bras for 1 year? Will it damage tissue/stunt growth? Will sleeping on my front squash my boobs and slow growth?

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5/30/2020 10:35:59 PM

Is underwire bad

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