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6/14/2021 9:56:23 AM

my measurements are 75, 71 and 65cms can you tell me my bra size please?

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Hi, can you send me the order of these as in the image below.


6/14/2021 7:43:59 AM

hi vicki, CDY700 here again to respond to your question. i havent met him irl as he lives in the usa and im in australia (theres a travel ban here that stops anyone from leaving the country). id like to add though that 1) were both adults, 2) he hasnt ever been weird or tried to like sexualise the conversation or anything in our year of talking, 3) ive no reason to believe hes catfishing me (he has other online friends i know of and ive seen them interacting with his posts on other social media platforms, as well as his real sister, hes also been open about his full name, other personal info, etc. and there have been no red flags). ive had creepy and potentially catfishing situations with people online before but i was never comfortable and there were a tonne of red flags so i would end contact with them, but this hasnt been the case at all this time. id like to video call someday too but i get really bad phone anxiety :/ 4) ive been very open with my family and yeah, they know ive had other online friends since i was 16 or 17 (one of whom is one of my closest friends as weve been talking including video/calls for 2 years now, so yeah, theyd be fully aware of the situation too. i know people are ver good at manipulating others online, catfishing, pretending, etc. but i just have no reason to believe this is the case with him. but yeah, in answering your question, we cant meet up due to covid even though both of us have expressed that wed love to and i know what city hes in and all. thank you again :)

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6/14/2021 7:39:38 AM

how to ask my crush out before the end of school year, he goes to a different school to me in September and I don't want to miss the chance to share how I feel. How would you do this Vicki ?? btw we are both nearly 11 if that

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6/14/2021 7:36:03 AM

If my bra is too tight can it harm my boobs Vicki, my friends say it does, what does it do, thanks Carlyxxx

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6/14/2021 7:35:22 AM

Hi Vicki, how come you say to some girls that blood is brown, shouldn't it be red, its always red in the movies.

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6/14/2021 7:34:47 AM

Hi, when is the best time to get your first period?

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6/14/2021 6:30:31 AM

Hi. This boy asked me out and I said I would think about it and I have decided I want to just stay friends but I don't want to say no in case it ruins our friendship. Thx

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6/14/2021 6:30:18 AM

hi vicki, i have a bit of a crush problem. ive had a crush on this one boy since the beginning of last year and he is in my class, i have not made it all obvious that i like him and the other day a bunch of my friends and i had a sleepover. one of these friends is in my class, and something i didnt mention is that the boy i have a crush on is in my friend group in class with this other girl i just mentioned. they both recently went on this sports camp thing for school and when they came back my friend told me about some stuff that happened. apparently, my crush likes this girl and she likes him back. now that was bad enough, but he also said he wants someone else and my friend thought it was her, because they often flirt in class in a mean kind of way so they bully each other in a flirty way, and so of course i hoped it wasnt her that my crush was talking about. but today, i found out that it is. i found out through one of my friends who asked my crush if he likes my friend. he said yes, my friend said that she doesnt really like him and wouldnt date him. but this has really hurt. i dont know how to manage it or what to think and im feeling so down today. i am just really hurt that my crush likes my friend and not me but i wasnt expecting him to like me since we dont talk much. we just dont really seem to click easily, we find it hard to talk to each other. im so sick of having a crush on this boy because its been there for so long and i dont know why it hasnt gone away and im just really sad :(

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6/13/2021 10:40:53 PM

Hi Vicki, I was wondering if its normal to have 2 blood clots on a heavy day also is it normal for the blood to be brown? Thanks

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6/13/2021 8:31:12 PM

Hi Vicki its XGV852 I wanted to say thank you !Also my sister started her period in 5th grade Im going to 5th grade and I got discharge a couple days ago

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