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10/21/2020 7:06:17 PM

Hi Vicki, I have pubic hair and have very small breasts ( i dont wear a crop top or anything) and have just started getting noticeable armpit hair. When will I get my period? Im in year 8 however Im an august baby so quite young and Id say 1/4-1/2 of my friends have theirs Omega xx

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10/21/2020 6:42:36 PM

Hi Vicki, Today I had so much discharge it leeked through my pants into my sports leggings. I could feel it squelching all day. What does that mean?

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10/21/2020 6:40:50 PM

Where can you buy lilets liners

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10/21/2020 4:37:29 PM

Hi Vicki I saw some bras in my mum's bedroom and they are size 32a so I am hoping that's mine size so I can ask her for the bras..If it's not I will have to wait and I don't have patience.So breast size 35,35,38

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10/21/2020 3:53:26 PM

hi Vicki Sophie again i have just noticed a white bump under my left armpits dip about a quarter of a pee or the circle ball at the end of a bobby pin. it is pain less but is only on the side with my biggest breast bud. btw i am 11 and my buds still haven't grown. 1. Has this any thig to do with my breast buds? 2. What is it? Is it harmless? 3. will it affect my breast? 4. Is it serious? thanks bye hope you are well Sophie :)

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10/21/2020 2:31:46 PM

Hi Vicki I live in South Africa,Cape Town.1 are your lil-lets teen products available in SA? 2. are they also available in some of the West African countries? .Thanks

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I have been to Cape Town it is a beautiful place to live. Lil-Lets have been available in South Africa for many years and are available in most stores. Follow this link to our S Africa website.


10/21/2020 2:17:28 PM

GRD620 . What diet would you recommend like which veggies and fruits?

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10/21/2020 12:51:49 PM

HIJ465 here, I was looking through the questions this evening to find mine when my mum came and sat next tp me and was like, whatcha doing? I showed her this website and explained how it works, and I also showed her my question, but she just kept quiet and said something like, watch something entertaining and just left. I want to buy a bra out of my savings but I still need her consent. She knows my breasts hurt but she said it happens to everyone. She is an... Ok mom, but oblivious and kinda strict. Talking to her bout this stuff won't help cos she says that I should enjoy braless ness while I still can and that bras are very uncomfortable and hot but I think she is biased bcos she wears 2 sizes smaller band size so it will obviously be uncomfortable. Please tell some sure way to convince her, my boobs hurt!!

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10/21/2020 10:35:15 AM

I want to tell a guy that I like him but we havent talked in like 2 months but he snapped me last night so I dont know if I should just do it and see what he says. We dont see each other in real life that much anymore cos he moved schools but I see him on Saturdays sometimes and I dont want it to be awkward

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10/21/2020 9:33:05 AM

Just wondering, how normal is it to have dark hair around your belly button, around your nipples and between your breasts? (I have naturally blonde hair on my head) I always have had a little hair in these areas since I was a teen but I think there's more than there used to be. I'm 19.. and I'm sure I've finished puberty.

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