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It’s only natural to want or need some puberty advice when you start to see your body changing.

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5/23/2019 3:31:27 PM

Bra size pls under:70, on:73, under:71

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5/23/2019 11:52:39 AM

underneath breasts - 67 on fullest part - 75

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5/23/2019 9:32:56 AM

My boyfriend and i (both 15 at the time now 16) were at his home to have dinner with his family however I pretended I was going to be sick and ran to the toilet. He followed me and we both had sex in the spur of the moment with no protection this was around 5 weeks ago and am pregnant we discussed the possibility of it happening and I think it would be the boost in my life that I need. I told him after we had sex again but how do I tell our families I think my mum knows because of the symptoms but no one else does T x

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5/23/2019 9:14:39 AM

What is the legal age to get married in the UK? I am 16 and my boyfriend proposed I got pregnant at 14 with his child (we adore her so much) and we already live together we have another baby on the way and I want to get married as soon as possible. Thanks s xx

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5/23/2019 8:46:30 AM

Very very weird question-how can I stop myself spitting water when someone says something funny and I burst out laughing-its incredibly humiliating for me and probably everyone around me as occasionally(obviously not deliberately as Im not that kind of person) water will actually land on other people-I know Ill be judged for asking this, but I swear Im not a nasty person and Id like to think Im quite kind at heart, I wouldnt ever ever go out of my way to do those kinds of things to people

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5/22/2019 9:58:03 PM

Do you think people in here go off topic

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5/22/2019 9:33:17 PM

If Ive been shaving my legs and under my arms for years and have never got a razor rash, am I likely to get one if I shave my bikini line?

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5/22/2019 8:12:07 PM

How do i tell my mum I want to get measured? She got me 28aa bras but I feel the band is too tight but shes not having any of it, and I want advice from a professional (even if they say it fits as well)and my mum is the type who treats me like a baby and doesnt like talking about bras and periods and puberty so how do I approach it gradually? Also, if I get measured at m&s, is the measuring free?

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5/22/2019 8:07:26 PM

Ive been having thick milky discharge everyday for nearly a year now, why dont I have my period?

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5/22/2019 7:38:36 PM

What kinds of questions are deemed inappropriate?

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