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It’s only natural to want or need some puberty advice when you start to see your body changing.

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6/25/2018 10:50:23 AM

Hi Vicki, 2 days ago I was out in the sun all day, I applied sun cream but obviously not enough and now Im very sunburnt. I have prom in less than 2 weeks and my dress is strapless and has a lower neckline and back than the top I was wearing when I got burnt, is there anyway I can get rid of the burn and hide tan lines for prom?

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6/25/2018 10:22:22 AM

can a water infection be present after sexual actions?

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6/25/2018 9:57:15 AM

What are V-String panties?

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6/25/2018 9:50:27 AM

So last night, I had a dream, and it was about a boy who I know vaguely, I dont speak to him or anything like that but he was in my year at schools so I know his name and that, and for some reason I was visiting his house and I asked if I could use the toilet, so he was going to show me where the toilet was in his house and he took me to his room and kissed me out of the blue. I never ever have dreams like that and its left me wondering why on earth he was in my dream if I barely know who he is?

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6/25/2018 9:15:31 AM

What colour shall I paint my nails?

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6/25/2018 9:15:11 AM

Do men shave their pubes too? Sorry if thats an inappropriate question but Ive always worried that when I become sexually active, a man would be repulsed by my pubic hair. Then I thought, hang on, men have it too, so do they remove it?

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6/25/2018 9:08:39 AM

I feel so dirty, I wake up on a morning and the first thing I think about is my body hair, I cant stop. I worry about it all day everyday and it consumes my life, Im so pale and the hair is so dark and thick and its everywhere. I just cant gwt rid of it. The place I worry about most is my nipples, but the rest of my body is also of great concern. I wish I could dip myself into a vat of hair removal cream and come out smooth and hairless with no black pores and it would never come back. I cant embrace it, I am disgusted with myself. It makes me suicidal

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6/25/2018 7:42:40 AM

Why is the inside of my vagina really itchy? Its really uncomfortable when I walk

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6/25/2018 7:21:58 AM

Does rubbing your boobs count as masturbation?

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6/25/2018 6:57:23 AM

I dont get it. Some people hit puberty at 13 I hit it at 9. It's really annoying. I have huge boobs too

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