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How to Get No Heat Curls Overnight

With the warmer weather upon us it can become a pain to use curling irons or straighteners to curl you hair. Below is a quick and simple method to get a head full of curls or waves to preserve your hair from heat damage this summer!

Headband trick: place a head band over your head, like you're going for the boho-indie look, whilst your hair is damp. Take an inch of hair from the front of your head and loop it over and through the band once or twice depending on how long your hair is. You can pull the hair around the headband slightly to get loser curls. After, add more hair onto the remainder of your original inch of hair and loop that through the headband once or twice. Continue to do this and add more and more hair until you have all your hair wrapped around the headband and it looks a bit like a flower crown of hair. Then sleep with your hair wrapped around the headband overnight and unthread it in the morning.

No Heat Curls


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heyyyy ppls

I have naturally really curly/wavy hair. why am I looking at this lol


I love this, it's so easy and saves spending hours curling my hair like normal


I find putting my hair in 2 dutch plaits makes my hair beautifully wavy but dutch plaits are quite difficult especially doing 2. This probably didn't help anyone but anyways, thats my way to do it. Ballerini_Xx

Jam Tarts

I'm trying this tonight! Will let you know how it goes


Guys try put your hair up then braid the whole way down then let in it in the morning its so cute and chic ❤ Try in summer for the Summer looks x


Haii guys i know a great tip for helping hair well tie your hair in a plait on the side of your head and leave it in place all night and it looks great! It doesn't matter bout the loose bits aslong as its curly ur fine!

born with curls :)

The key is in the DAMP, you don't want it wet because it will stay wet and won't dry properly until you take it, depending on how well your hair holds shape you don't wanting dry either, however my hair tends to hold shape quite well so if yours does to you might prefer to do it dry. You might also want to try a thicker headband if you find your hair is getting stuck and tangled, especially if it's longer.


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