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How long
will it take
for my breasts
to grow?

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When your boobs begin to develop during puberty, they may take between 3 – 10 years to completely grow and they may continue becoming rounder and fuller right into your twenties! Also, DID YOU KNOW…94% of us girls worry, or have worried about odour or feeling fresh down there.


One breast often grows
before the other...and
even when fully grown,
no two breasts
are identical!

What are the
signs that my
boobs are

#boobs, #puberty

One of the first signs you've started puberty is when you develop breasts, which can be noticed up to 2 years before your period arrives.

Normally, the first sign is when you develop the ‘breast bud’, which are basically small raised lumps behind your nipple area. Breast buds are made up of milk glands, tissue, fat and muscle and it's very normal for one to start showing before the other. It might also take a few months before the second breast starts to develop too. They might also feel a bit tender, especially if they’re accidentally knocked. This is very normal as the breasts continue to develop over the next few years.


It's also not unusual for the nipple area to become a little sore and sometimes cracked. Don’t worry; rub a little cream in before you go to bed to prevent them from feeling sore or tender.

What’s normal?

#boobs, #puberty

No matter what you hear, see or read, all breasts are great and no size is better than any other. The size of your boobs that you'll end up is partly down to genetics, which means you're likely to take after your mum or dad’s side (weird right!) It's also true that no two breasts are exactly the same, and one breast might always look slightly different in shape and size to the other, even when fully grown. Some girls are really proud of their new shape, while others feel embarrassed if they develop breasts first. Either way, just remember girls hit puberty at different stages so therefore develop their own boobs at different times and there’s no rush!


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Im 16 and my boobs are getting bigger, I've started wearing large sweatshirts and slouching so that it's harder to see my chest. I'm uncomfortable with my changing body and I feel like everyone at school stares at my chest. I'm very self conscious with low self esteem. Please help!


thanks for your advice


I have buds and they are developing more now The hurt a bit when I jump but they are only visible if you look really closely My mum says I don't need a bra but I can get one if I want one Still scared to ask though


I'm 14 and have had breast lumps for like 5 years and my breasts are very small! I'm not into proper cups yet!


The first sign of puberty for me was getting boobs. I was nine and had not been told any thing yet and at the time I thought you had to be a teenager, so it came as a bit of a shock to suddenly have my nips poking out. I showed my mum and she said that I needed to start wearing a bra as I was getting boobs😮.


I'm the girl with the biggest boobs in class and I got my first bra yesterday im size 31D but I try to take it in my stride! you don't have to think about the girl who sits next to u in class were all different in so many amazing ways !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is it inbarrsing buying your first bra


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