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Feeling Overwhelmed

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Puberty is such a special time in someone’s life but can often leave teenagers feeling overwhelmed and struggling to know how to handle many situations in life. You want to be taken seriously as a young adult but can often find the world and all it has to offer a scary and anxious place.

Here are some common worries teenagers have and some tips on how to address them and feel better about your transition from child to adult.

You Think!

You Should Understand!

“I don’t understand why my crush is being so mean to me simply because I have told him and others I like him, I must be a horrible person!” This boy may not yet be ready to share intimate or romantic feelings with you…or others for that matter! He may be overwhelmed by your attention and because of this he may choose to be unkind as this is the easiest reaction for him to offer at this time.
“I have nothing to say, I just sit there in silence whilst everyone chats and joins in.” In any group there will be a mixture of personalities and being shy or quiet does not mean you are not part of the group, or that you do not have an opinion, even nodding in agreement is a form or participation, without having to say a word!
“I feel so angry, my parents don’t understand me, we keep fighting and I end up crying and it’s always me who’s in the wrong all the time.” When we feel overwhelmed we can often become angry with someone, when the reality is we are angry with ourselves. Slamming doors or shouting rarely makes anyone feel better about the situation. So take a minute and then stop and talk things through with your parents letting them know how you feel and what you need from them.
“How am I supposed to know what I want to do when I am older, I’m not ready for this type of commitment yet.” In school you may be asked to consider what career you want to pursue, it can be a scary prospect, especially if you don’t really know what you want to do and it’s normal to fear the unknown. But you don’t have to make a decision right away, instead selecting a wide range of subjects will ensure you open up lots of different career opportunities.
“It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I revise I still don’t understand the work or get good grades, my friends just seem to breeze through life.” Feeling helpless when amongst others is very common but does not mean you should give up. Doing something over and over again is key to learning any new skill.
“If I go to a party with friends I will be expected to drink, smoke or take part in sexual things…I’m not ready, but I want to fit in.” Being an individual is just as important as being part of a friendship group, so don’t feel judged for letting your friends know that you don’t want to do any of these things, but instead that you are happy just to be in their company.


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I've been feeling SO overwhelmed about my second period and when itll come...


Reply to LILY ?? I agree with you but we don’t really know boys insecurities. I’ve three big brothers and I still feel like they have it easier. You’re not alone I sometimes feel like if I was a boy life would be easier but maybe some boys feel if they were girls life would be easier


guys its night and im doing a all nighter but im rlly rlly rlly borrrreeedddddd.


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I have tried talking things through with my mum but she always tells me to stop talking or else.

Starbucks xxx

I can really relate to the one about shouting at parents, I'm not sure how many times we've fought today. I don't like fighting with them and having shouting matches but sometimes when I feel overwhelmed it's just easy to take it out on them. And I really don't like doing it.


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