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Tips for talking
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The idea of talking to your mum and dad about your period and all the other stuff that’s’ happening to your body can be pretty awkward!

One thing’s for sure, your mum's gone through it too, so she'll know what it feels like and as embarrassing as it may be, once you’ve had the chat you’ll feel so much better about it.


  • 1. You’ve probably got a lot of questions, but don’t feel you have to ask them all at once. Take it slow, chats need only last a couple of minutes and can happen anywhere, in the car, when helping to lay the table for dinner, or when out shopping.
  • 2. Ask your mum how she felt when she was growing up, you could ask how old she was when she hit those special milestones herself, such as her first bra, first period, first kiss etc. If she starts chatting about her own experiences, it’s only a matter of time before the conversation moves over to you and how you feel.
  • 3. If you’ve got brothers and sisters and never get any time alone with your parents, then why don’t you ask to go on the weekly food shop with your mum or dad and ask to look down the pads and tampon aisle to see what products are on offer. After all you may not want to use the same products that your mum uses and our Lil-Lets teens range has been designed for girls who are new to periods.
  • If you live with your dad, don’t worry, he’ll know all about periods too, but if you find it hard to discuss this with him, then ask a female family member for some help, an aunt, older sister or grandmother will be more than happy to speak to him for you. Alternatively, you could leave him a note with a list of things you need when he next goes shopping, such as antiperspirant, wipes etc. add a pack of pads to your list and he’ll soon get the message.
  • 4. How about sending a text? That way you’ll avoid any initial embarrassment from your side. They'll understand and be proud that you have found a way of letting them know you are now ready to talk about periods and puberty.
  • You could even send them one of our e-cards and if you know their e-mail address and we can do the asking for you!.

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It's always good to be prepared whether you have or haven't started your period.

This chapter gives you some advice on what to expect and tips to manage your period.

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Repling to The Pubery Girl

Don’t worry, periods can be really irregular sometimes. My bestie missed hers for 2 months as well. You’ll be absolutely fine! (^o^)/


I got my period for the first time last month and it came back yesterday. The first day of my second period was really heavy and I didn’t know what to do I felt so embarrassed and I didn’t want to talk about it but I’m used to it now and if you ever need help just ask your mum! xx hope this helps some people xx


My mum have me this talk when I was 8. I didn't like the fact that without any warning my vagina would start to bleed.

Awkward ??

Right so my first period i woke up feeling a bit sick really bad stomach ache, thought ate something off, told mum and said probs that. Got to school, felt it & ran to loo with friends as I was clueless (before registration) and then got sorted with pads etc & was crying lol I was so unprepared 😂ALWAYS KEEP STUFF WITH YOU INCASE YOU START - DON'T BE ME


Alright so heres how i realised i was on my period . One day i wake up and my stomach is hurting so so much but I just think i ate something weird . The whole day is going just fine so I go to sleep . Next morning - I wake up and go to the toilet when i realise theres 'dark stuff' (my period) all over my pyjamas . Im really shocked and all thinking i pooped my self during the night not focousing on the fact that the 'dark stuff' is on the front part of my pyjama meaning it came out my vagina . So i go to the bathroom and wash it all off and tell my mum i must have farted in the night and some poo came out . So everything is going fine the whole day till i go to the loo and look down at my WHITE knickers and realise the same 'dark stuff' is there again . At this point i know its not poo realising its in front . Oh no NO NO NO NO NO NONO im thinking !!! Its blood! aghhh its my period ! So my mum is asleep and i really did not want to wake her up bcos shed be in a bad mood . So stupidly i tell my brother ... He thinks its funny and starts laughing . Then i decide i should tell my mum so i wake her up and she tells me to get some pads as she kept some for me before . Next day my brother keeps making jokes whenever i go to the toilet like ''make sure you dont leave blood on the toilet seat'' ugh so annoying . But its been a month now and everythings fine , my mum is still a bit skeptical about me wearing tampons as the read an article saying that wearing tpons is bad for you and makes you lose your virginity . But at the end of the day , if there is a girl reading this , scared about her period : GIRL DO NOT WORRY YOU WILL BE FINE ! xx

The Puberty Girl

I haven't had my period for 2 months! and no I'm not pregnant I'm only 12. what should I do?


just after turning 10 I was getting ready for bed and my mum walks in, earlier she was doing the laundry & said she noticed whitish stains in a pair of my knickers & asked me if I had noticed it but truthfully I didn't. She said it's nothing to worry about & it is a healthy normal thing & she gets it too and it usually means that a period is not far away, she asked me if any of my friends had mentioned having periods yet which they hadn't but I did tell her that I had some "hair down there" and lifted up my nightie to show her. I was still very much a little girl but my body was beginning to say otherwise."


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