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Tips for talking
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about periods


The idea of talking to your mum and dad about your period and all the other stuff that’s’ happening to your body can be pretty awkward!

One thing’s for sure, your mum's gone through it too, so she'll know what it feels like and as embarrassing as it may be, once you’ve had the chat you’ll feel so much better about it.


  • 1. You’ve probably got a lot of questions, but don’t feel you have to ask them all at once. Take it slow, chats need only last a couple of minutes and can happen anywhere, in the car, when helping to lay the table for dinner, or when out shopping.
  • 2. Ask your mum how she felt when she was growing up, you could ask how old she was when she hit those special milestones herself, such as her first bra, first period, first kiss etc. If she starts chatting about her own experiences, it’s only a matter of time before the conversation moves over to you and how you feel.
  • 3. If you’ve got brothers and sisters and never get any time alone with your parents, then why don’t you ask to go on the weekly food shop with your mum or dad and ask to look down the pads and tampon aisle to see what products are on offer. After all you may not want to use the same products that your mum uses and our Lil-Lets teens range has been designed for girls who are new to periods.
  • If you live with your dad, don’t worry, he’ll know all about periods too, but if you find it hard to discuss this with him, then ask a female family member for some help, an aunt, older sister or grandmother will be more than happy to speak to him for you. Alternatively, you could leave him a note with a list of things you need when he next goes shopping, such as antiperspirant, wipes etc. add a pack of pads to your list and he’ll soon get the message.
  • 4. How about sending a text? That way you’ll avoid any initial embarrassment from your side. They'll understand and be proud that you have found a way of letting them know you are now ready to talk about periods and puberty.
  • You could even send them one of our e-cards and if you know their e-mail address and we can do the asking for you!.

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Managing your period

It's always good to be prepared whether you have or haven't started your period.

This chapter gives you some advice on what to expect and tips to manage your period.

What if I start my period at school?

So what are periods?

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So I was at school 🏫 (I’m in year six) we were doing a dance lesson in pe and I had a bit of a stomach ache I thought I’d just eaten something weaird I told my teacher and she said if I felt like I was going to be sick 🤢 I should tell her.I had choreographed a duet for me and my best friend R and I sat out for a bit and showed her what to do if she forgot. I only rehearsed it once before we showed the class and I felt a bit weird ‘down there’ I thought it was just discharge so I brushed it off.When I performed it with Renee I saw my stepsister look at me really shocked nobody else was looking at me like that so I thought she must have thought my duet was really good.After she went up to me and said that I’ve probably sat on something on one of the benches in the caff.She said I should probably go to the toilets and see if I can scrub it out at the sinks but then I remembered a different teacher was covering our science lesson which started in 2 minutes he’s really strict and horrible and he always makes you take pop quizzes if he thinks you’re not listening because I didn’t want to be late for the lesson .So he starting doing a BIOLOGY lesson and it was that biology lesson.So me and R were blushing and looking at each other and trying not to laugh when he talked about s-e-x and periods and boobs and everything in his Scottish accent (No offence Scottish people I do quite like your accent.I started giggling a bit and fake sneezed a few times to cover it up.I thought I had peed myself a bit like what sometimes happens when you laugh.The bell rang and I got up off of the light grey chair and I saw a puddle of blood about the size of a hand .Since it was brownish burgundy I didn’t think it was blood 🩸.(We are still in our white/navy pe kit mostly white )My hoodies really big so it covered the blood 🥳After lunch/choir I had REALLY bad abdominal pain I told R about my stomach and she said to drink loads of water too flush out whatever dodgy food I’d eaten out of my stomach.Last lesson of the day was drama and since I loved acting I offered to be the lead role with R as one of the people in my clique Whilst I was acting I got really hot so I took my hoodie off everyone gasped (it had got a lot worse there was blood dripping down both my legs and little blood drops kept falling onto the floor my R said I needed to go to the nurse she had already asked the teacher When we got there I was crying because everyone had seen including my boyfriend The nurse asked me to take my skort and underwear off and I started crying again because my underwear was completely soaked and dripping with blood my skort also had a patch of fresh blood the size of a fist .When I took my a pants off I started to bleed onto the floor and I cried even harder I said I would clean it up and she just grabbed a towel and told me to sit on it I remember R gasping really loudly when she saw all of the blood it was enough to soak through a pantry liner thick underwear skins shorts and a skirt in 4 hours.I had already gone through a layer of the white towel before the nurse managed to find me a pad but it was useless until my underwear dried since they were so wet with blood that the pad wouldn’t stick .In the end she couldn’t find me a new skort so I just wore the bloody one instead .I remember all the boys and some girls except my boyfriend laughing when I came back into class .


I haven’t started my period yet but I’m oddly excited! I am having a few symptoms, so I think I’m gonna start soon. TOP TIP- don’t be scared of your first period!


This guide really helped me. I really recommend it

Grace ace x

Don’t be scared about your period because it’s natural x

Camera dash

I’m scared cause I started my period today and only live woth my dad


Okay so I'm not sure about my period. I haven't started it yet but Ive been really moody lately. I have black curly hair down there that covers the entire area. I dunno what cramps are like but I think I might have had one in the past. Online tests say about 2 months. I'm almost 12. My mam got hers when she turned twelve and I think it was a couple of months after her 12th birthday. Can u estimate me?

Via ??

My first period wasn’t as bad, but was so embarrassing on my 2nd day! So basically I realised I got my period on the weekend and little did I realise I had blood on my jeans and had worn it the next day! I don’t know how no one realised.. And for does who don’t know much about their cycle, I would really recommend downloading the app called Clue because you can track you period and you’re moods and Clue will do all the work to predict your future cycle. It’s also free! x


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