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Being prepared

Just because it’s your time of the month, doesn’t mean you have to cancel what you like doing.

Tampons allow you to go swimming and give you the confidence to carry on with all your normal activities such as going to your dance class, school trip, sleep overs and exercise too, so you’ve got no excuses to sit out! You’ve been looking forward to your holiday all year but it’s booked for your time of the month or you’re worried it may come unannounced!

We can’t stop this from happening. But, we do have some suggestions to make sure it’s not as big a deal as you think it might be.

Using tampons for the first time on holiday

If you haven’t tried using tampons before, try using them a few months before you go away. Our Lil-Lets Teens tampons are shorter and narrower, which makes them ideal for first time users. Once you’ve mastered the skill, they’re ideal to wear on holiday as they allow you to carry on with swimming and beach fun.

What if I don't want to use tampons on holiday?

If you’re still not up for giving tampons a try, there are ways you can get around wearing pads on holiday. Treat yourself to a few pairs of shorts to wear with your bikini and no one will be any the wiser. Or go for a bit of sightseeing and maybe try some activities away from the pool.

I'm already on holiday, what do I do?

If you’re reading this on holiday and you haven’t brought anything with you, head to the nearest supermarket or chemist where you’ll find a selection of products that you’ll need. The names of the products may be different but they'll have pictures on the front to tell you what’s inside. One last thing – if it does arrive, tell a grown-up as this is pretty big news and they’ll want to support you.

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I’m going on holiday soon and I don’t want to use a tampon are there any tricks for using a pad in water 💕


Hi, To make it really easy to use tampons for the first time, buy some KY Jelly which is a water based lube, from any supermarket and put some on the end of your tampon. Just relax and you will find it will glide in really easily and you will kick yourself for not trying tampons sooner! My sister did this when she got her first period and she said it was wonderfully easy. She was able to swim every day on holiday and she was only just 9. After the first few times she did not need to use the KY Jelly as she was so relaxed and confident. So, girls, just go for it! You will be glad you did!! PS Your Mum may have some KY Jelly.


This is a reply to HELP: I use pads for discharge and so don't be ashamed. Just go into the loo and slip a pad into your hand. It's easy, I promise xx


Is there any sort of tablet u can take to stop ur period that month


last week I went on holiday and the first day on holiday was my last day of my periods and I can't believe I went swimming without a tampon. Ps: I haven't used tampons before!




I am on holiday and period right now, this has helped me a lot!


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