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Buying your first bra is sometimes tricky. Not only do we feel awkward and nervous when talking about it with our parents, but then we have to choose a size and style from the huge variety available. A girl’s first bra is important, so you want to make sure you have all the facts. For tips and advice on fittings, breast development, talking about your first bra, and everything else; check out our real-life, first bra stories from teenage girls like you below.


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My boobs Started getting puffy nips right around my 9th birthday, My Mum noticed while I was wearing a thin tank top. and said I need to start wearing a bra. My younger sister noticed my bra when I changed in front of her and she was asking why I was wearing one and if and when she could wear one which let me to explain starting puberty to her.


I got my first two bra's last year (2017) in December and I asked my mum if I could get a bra because the boob tops or "crop tops" were getting small on me and she agreed. At first it was really difficult to wear and get used to but it eventually got easier for me 😊. Tip: Do up the hooks in the front and then turn it around so that the padding is facing the front. Then pull up the straps up. Hope this was helpful


hi, to anyone out there who is not sure I got a crop top at the age of 9 and still and wearing them now at the age of 11 because I have developed.

M (again)

I just thought about some cool tips: 1. Where what makes YOU comfortable. 2. Don't worry if you can see a bra through clothes, if so then nude is best. 3. You don't have to where a bra all the time, maybe a crop top bra thingy would make a change? Hope this helps, M xxx


I got my first bra at age 10. I didn’t really need one though. My bra size was 28aa

Brooke ??

I got my first bra at the age of nine, my boobs weren't massive but had started to grow. I noticed they were tender so later told my mum about lumps on my boobs (being a 9 yr old with anxiety wasn't good I thought I had cancer.) My Mum then said it was perfectly normal to have lumps and they were called 'breast buds'. If any one needs help on here I can help 😁


I got my first bra with my friend it was a 30aa from m&s I was 11


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