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Buying your first bra is sometimes tricky. Not only do we feel awkward and nervous when talking about it with our parents, but then we have to choose a size and style from the huge variety available. A girl’s first bra is important, so you want to make sure you have all the facts. For tips and advice on fittings, breast development, talking about your first bra, and everything else; check out our real-life, first bra stories from teenage girls like you below.


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Hi GRADYGIRL, I wasn't very embarrassed until we had to go and pay-see my comment below. I was very excited because most of the girls in my class in Year 6 had a bra and I didn't so I was desperate to be like them and REALLY excited. Good Luck x


Hi everyone! I got my first bra just before I started secondary school. I was 11 at the time. I just had a training bra and was only for school. After a few weeks, my mum slowly brought the conversation up and said that she thought it was time for me to wear a bra out of school. THE SHOPPING TRIP: I think we were on the way back from my grandparents house and my mum asked if she thought we should pop into Asda. I agreed and we went. She said lets go and look at the clothes and then took me down to the girls underwear section. She was looking through all of the bras and eventually found some white ones ideal for my see-through white school shirt. I was a bit embarrassed going to the counter with my mum to pay, but there was no need as they are used to it. A few months later, we went back to the shops and took me back to the girls underwear. I picked out some non-padded racerback sports bras with no padding and 2 years on I still find these comfortable ( I am now 13 and still quite flat chested) Good luck x

Cotton Candy

Hi guys. MY FIRST BRA STORY IS one day when I came home from school my order from h & m had arrived so I tried on the teshirt and then went and showed my mum and my mum said " look how much you've grown. Shall we get you are bra when the non essential shops open " and I was like " okay " then ran up to my room feeling sooooo embarrassed. So I have atchually not done the shopping part because the shops aren't open because of covid. So ye and also a couple of months before she had offered to get a bra but my past self said "no" because I was wayyyyyy to embarrassed. I am 10 years old


I got my first bra


A question for other girls about when they got their first bra. I recently posted my very long, three part, first bra story, (scroll own a bit to see all three parts.) In part three, I mentioned how shopping for it, when my mom first took me into the store's lingerie department to get my first bra, I felt both very happy and excited and also extremely nervous and embarrassed, all at the exact same time,. I'm wondering, was that just me? Or did a lot of other girls here also experience both of those really completely opposite and contradictory feelings and emotions, all mixed up together at the exact the same time like I did?


When I started writing my story, memories came flooding back and I  couldn't stop writing. It got so long, I decided to post it in three parts. Here's the first part. Scroll down to read the other two parts. MY FIRST BRA STORY - PART ONE I got my first bra  almost 7 years ago, shortly after I turned  ten, But I still remember the experience of getting  it like it was yesterday! LOL! My birthday is in June and just around the time I was turning ten, I noticed a hard lump starting under my nipples and they seemed to stick out a bit.  A few weeks later, maybe about a month, I noticed the area around my nipples was starting  to get a bit puffy too. At first puffiness was barely noticeable, except to me. DOUBLE-LOL! But my mom noticed. One night I forgot to lock the bathroom door and she came in while I was in the tub having a bath. When she saw my chest and  the puffiness around my nipples, she just smiled and said something - I don't remember exactly what -  about me "really growing up". But the next day, she got a book on puberty from the library and we spent the next week, for a couple of hours every night, reading it together in my room. That was how I learned about periods and stuff and what was going with my chest and all the other changes that I was going to experience over the next couple of years. I especially remember one thing she said.  Now that I was - using her word for it  - starting to "develop", I couldn't go around the house or out in the backyard anymore without a shirt on. And whenever I was out and wearing a t-shirt or any kind of thin top, I would have to wear an undershirt.  That summer was brutally hot and I really, really hated having to wear an undershirt. But I did.


MY FIRST BRA STORY - PART TWO Flash forward to the last week in August. Every year around the end of August we did  "back to school shopping". for new clothes. The night before our shopping trip my mom came into my room to talk about what new clothes I needed. Then out of the blue, she asked me if I'd like to get a bra. I was  stunned! I thought bras were something you only got when you were a lot older, like a grown-up woman or maybe a teenager and when  you had actual  boobs to put in one!I was only ten and I still just had these two little   - another one of my mom's words - "buds". My mom said she thought I was old enough and my "buds" were probably big enough now for a training bra. Another  stunner! Even for a ten year old maybe I was a bit naive ,but I had never heard the term "training bra" before. She explained to me that a training  bra was a special kind of bra made for girls like me who were just starting to develop, That  the "training" part  just meant that it would help me get used to the feel of wearing a bra, so it be easier later when I  would eventually be big enough to need a regular bra like hers. Then she added, it would keep my buds covered so I wouldn't  need to wear an undershirt anymore. That did it! I was thrilled! That night I hardly slept and when I did, I probably dreamt about bras! TRIPLE-LOL!


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