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Buying your first bra is sometimes tricky. Not only do we feel awkward and nervous when talking about it with our parents, but then we have to choose a size and style from the huge variety available. A girl’s first bra is important, so you want to make sure you have all the facts. For tips and advice on fittings, breast development, talking about your first bra, and everything else; check out our real-life, first bra stories from teenage girls like you below.


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Hi when I got my first bra I was so embarrassed hoping no one I knew would walk by. but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about it’s something to be proud of

inVISIBLE girl

So when I was in Year 7- Grade 6 for Americans- we went to Primark and I got a sports crop top. It had 2 layers and room for removable pads. Before that my mum wouldn't get me any, so I wore a white see-through ish top with a jacket. My mum then said do you need any vests for Year 7? I said yea sure and we went to it. My mum then saw the bras and said, sweetie i think you should maybe try to wear a crop top for secondary school? My mind was so excited , my mind was screaming yes yes yes. I replied with yea sure and i got some. Clearly my mum was in a shopping mood, because a few days later some crop top bras arrived in the post from next, asda, m &s and john lewis. I got to pick. The ones from Next are my favourite, but the ones from Primark are really comfy. I'm in Year 8 now and I've grown so we had to go shopping for some more crop top bra things, but not a bra yet- NOT READY FOR ONE YET!! XD


My first bra story is quite boring but I'll say anyway. I was around 12 years old and I always dreamed of getting a bra although I would never think to ask! One day we went to a store called Dimeys in Australia and there was a bargain tub full of little training bras. When my mum said I think it's about time for one of these my mind went crazy with excitement. I acted as if I couldn't care less. When we got back I tried on my training bra and I loved it. I got three bras for about 2 dollars each! Now I'm 15 and I can still fit into those little bras easily but I do prefer a padded sports bra Cos it makes me look the age


Hi i got my first padded bra when i was 13, and i went to Matalan with my best friend to buy bras and we went to the 'my first bra section' and picked out a couple each, my mum had given me money for them and i bought 2 size 32AA. When i was at the cashier, it was very embarrasing because it was a man and i was trying to pay and get out of there as quickly as possible. When i got home my 15 year old sister took them out of my shopping bag and teased me about them, Unluckily, my grandma was there and she saw them, it was honestly SO embarrasing because my grandma was like "ooh, theyre nice".


I got my first padded bra when i was 12 as a hand-me-down from my older sister, but at first i was to embarrased to wear it because i was scared that my family would judge me. It was quite old and got too small quite quickly so i had to ask my mum for a new one, this was very embarrasing but really, once you ask they will be very understanding and she bought me 2 new bras.

Bra queen

I was 9 when i got my first bra i started with sports bras and crop tops but by the time i was 10 i started wearing a more supportive fitted version im 11 know and i have a bra much like an adults but without the wire / bone thing but i will get one soon i was embarresed at first but dont worry its normal and nothing to be embarresed about i dont want to scare anyone but people can be nasty about it but remember we all get it at some point . I didnt have to ask but my mom didn't ask me she just picked some up on one of our girly pamper shopping days . If you have to ask for your first bra or a more supportive bra dont worry honestly the last thing you want is people noticing your nipple through your clothes or that your breast moves when you exercise etc . Honestly your guardian will understand because if there female they went through the same and remember everyone us facing this problem YOU ARE NOT ALONE

: D

i was 13 and i had needed a bra for a while but i was too shy to ask but one day i was cooking dinner with my mom and i asked her if she could get me a real bra and she took me to target and i got a padded bra


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