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First Period Stories:
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We’d love to hear all about your first period stories to help other girls who have started or are just about to start their period. Tell us your story today in the comments section below.

Whether you are the first or the last one in your friendship group to start their period, there will be another girl who has been in the same situation as you. Share your period story today and provide others with an understanding of how you came to terms with your first period.

This is vicky’s story

I was the last of my friendship group to get my period. I was 14, woke-up and went to the loo one morning, only to find my first period had arrived. Luckily my nan left me some pads in my room and I had learned all I needed to know about periods from my friends. It did take me a while to get used to wearing a pad as they felt so bulky. I thought everyone would see it through my clothes, or if a boy pinched my bottom he would feel it. So I quickly moved on to tampons.


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random person

btw mine just started yesterday. so i was about to go in the shower and i took my pants of and saw this brown big splodge in my pants. i called my mum and said - i think something has happened. after my shower i put a pad in now and i hardly think about it.


I got it at 10


i was the first in my friendship group to get me period


i was taking a shower. i got out and i saw my undies. i didnt believe it until it happened again. then i knew i was on my period

Xiñ Yañ

So, it was a fine morning, and I went to school. When I needed the toilet, I saw a brownish stain all over my pants. I thought it was just some poo so I left it. Then this happened again the next day.... I was nervous on the third day so i told my mum after school. She said " You have your period, Xin Yan " I didn't believe it. So DONT be afraid to tell ur mum X Hope my story helped :) -Xiñ Yañ <3


I was 12 years old it was August 13 and I thought I was never going to get it. I spent literally all my time researching any symptoms I had such as discharge constipation and stomach aches and I also watch most of every period story time on YouTube I was OBSESSED with getting my period. A few days back my friend said she had gotten her period and she was smaller than me so I wanted my period SO bad then the day before I got my period I had so many cramps headaches and heavy discharge so the next day I woke up and went to the toilet only to discover a huge red brownish stain on my underwear luckily it didn’t stain my bed 🛌 and I was happy. I was finally a woman now and I loved it . I eventually told my friends and my mum bc ik that I didn’t have enough pass to last me I had already given two to my friends at school so I had two left

periods ??

well it was just a normal day and i went to the toilet and there was a bit of blood i thought i just had a little cut because thats happend to me before so i go to school its a normal day and my friends start talking about periods and i say how i haven't had mine and i don't want to get it until like 15. one day later: i was in the car my mum was driving my brother and i to the bus stop to go to school and i have really bad back pain a cramps and i though its just nothing false alarm. i get to school late because there was a huge car accident on the way to school and i meet up with my friend outside because they were waiting for another bus because we had a excursion to a theatre because our school was have a dance concert and i was in it. when i get to the theatre I'm doing my dance and my undies felt wet i was not worried until i went to the bathroom to go to the toilet and get change i see that its a bit red but i cant tell because my undies were black i wiped my undies and it was all RED stuft i think i go and find something to use and i could only use a tampon but i didn't put it in properly and it hurt!!!! that was by far the worst day of my life!!!


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