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First Period Stories:
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We’d love to hear all about your first period stories to help other girls who have started or are just about to start their period. Tell us your story today in the comments section below.

Whether you are the first or the last one in your friendship group to start their period, there will be another girl who has been in the same situation as you. Share your period story today and provide others with an understanding of how you came to terms with your first period.

This is vicky’s story

I was the last of my friendship group to get my period. I was 14, woke-up and went to the loo one morning, only to find my first period had arrived. Luckily my nan left me some pads in my room and I had learned all I needed to know about periods from my friends. It did take me a while to get used to wearing a pad as they felt so bulky. I thought everyone would see it through my clothes, or if a boy pinched my bottom he would feel it. So I quickly moved on to tampons.


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Harry Potter Lover

(I'm 12 btw) Well, basically, I was getting changed into my swimming costume about to go swimming, and as I took my pants of, I saw a browny-redy kinda smudge. I thought this might me my period, so I asked my mum if I could show her something and we went into a cubicle and I told her. She said, "I think it's time... Sorry" and then we laughed. My mum was on her period, so she gave me one of her pads and I sat out while my brothers swam. I just told them I forgot my towel. I went home and my mum gave me a long introduction to pads and tampons. I used pads and it only lasted about 4 days, not being that heavy, just brown, red stuff that was a similar consistency of my normal discharge. I only really got a few pains that night and a bit before, but apart from that, I had very little period pains.

That random unicorn

I had a mini panic attack when I got my period 😂


When I first had my period I rushed to the toilet , screamed and shouted to my mum “ i’M bleeding help me!”


I am 12 (nrly 13) and I started Yesterday. It was a very light red and I had awful cramps. Today, it was a really dark brown - Think it was just dried blood though ;) Xx


I am 11 and I got my period 4 days ago at school. I saw the blood when I went to the toilet and it surprised me as I wasn’t expecting it at all. I went to see a teacher who gave me some pads and my period only lasts for 4 days :)

Don’t Worry

I just wanna say that the ppl that post on here r very helpful and r one of the reasons that got me thru my first period. I got my period when I was 14 so I was already feeling a bit left out compared to everyone else as I was quite a late bloomer. I was actually getting quite worried that I hadn’t started my period and even my mum was worrying so she kept on asking me questions. But I was at home (luckily) and I saw red spotting and I knew it was my period immediately. And I put on a pad and told my mum. As I was already prepared


I got my first period when I was 11 and how I found out was I went to the bathroom and I was scared. I knew what periods were and all that but I didn’t think it was gonna start so soon, I waited until I came home and talked to my Mom and then I was sooo awkward and I still am :)


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