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First Period Stories:
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We’d love to hear all about your first period stories to help other girls who have started or are just about to start their period. Tell us your story today in the comments section below.

Whether you are the first or the last one in your friendship group to start their period, there will be another girl who has been in the same situation as you. Share your period story today and provide others with an understanding of how you came to terms with your first period.

This is vicky’s story

I was the last of my friendship group to get my period. I was 14, woke-up and went to the loo one morning, only to find my first period had arrived. Luckily my nan left me some pads in my room and I had learned all I needed to know about periods from my friends. It did take me a while to get used to wearing a pad as they felt so bulky. I thought everyone would see it through my clothes, or if a boy pinched my bottom he would feel it. So I quickly moved on to tampons.


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So what happend is i came back from school (Normal) and i needed to go to the bathroom. when i reached the bathroom i took of my pants and saw a lot of Tomato sauce so then i went down to call my mum and yea!

camera queen

i was waiting a while for my period and when i got it i was so exited. i was at my nana’s house, i went upstairs to the bathroom and saw a reddish/brownish stain on my pants and it had leaked through a bit. i went back downstairs and pulled my mum to a different room and told her, she was really happy for me. a few days before though when i was in art i had my first cramp and i knew about periods so i knew it would happen soon. im 12 btw.


So it’s not my period story but anyways I was at a party with my friend[girl] so we both have our periods and then a guy comes and says this girl is calling you and then we go to her she’s shy and all and she says I just started my period and we were like yep congratulations your a women and hugged her and then showed her how to put on a pad we’re 12 and she was 10 we didn’t know here but girls need to support each other right so yeah it was actually pretty amazing to help her and she is so young and is now in the process of becoming a women.

sandy fox

i like hearing dese...thnks for sharing them! (-:


I don't have mine, but I'm actually quite lucky I don't, cause I've been on overnight trips w/o "being prepared" so yeah


My first period came w months before I turned 12. My dad had to go abroad for a business trip. My mom, sis and I went to drop him of at the airport. On the way we ate dinner at a restaurant. After dinner, I started feeling cramps and thought I needed to poo. I went the toilet and nothing was in my undie. However after we dropped my dad at the airport, we used the washroom again. This time there was a stain in my undie. I went outside and told my mom. Thankfully we were the only one in the washroom apart for my sis. My mom took me to a cubicle and checked my undie and confirmed it was my period. The worst part was, there was no pads or toilet paper so I had to bear with that for 20 mins. I went home and learned how to wear a pad even though I was 11, I didn't know. And that was my period story.


I was 9, I was rather surprised as I had no breast development and only light fuzzy pubic hair. I told my mum, she handed me a panty liner from a secret stash of things she had ready for when I would start. She said She wasn't surprised at all, she said "Finally, you have been really hormonal lately I knew it was coming"!


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