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Things to know
about discharge:

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  • Around puberty, your body may start releasing a fluid called discharge too.
  • This is a clear or creamy yellow fluid that's produced by glands at the entrance to your womb along with normal secretions naturally found on the walls of your vagina.
  • Generally you may start to notice discharge about 6 - 12 months before your first period.
  • Once you've had your period, you may still keep producing discharge regularly.
  • It's perfectly normal and is your body’s way of keeping your vagina clean and free from infection.
  • It's colour, texture and the amount you produce changes during the month. You'll find in the middle of your cycle, as your ovaries release an egg, the amount increases. At this time, it's normally clear in colour and runny.
  • A week before your period, it might start to look thicker and darker. This is totally normal and part of your monthly cycle. Did you know no more than a teaspoon full of discharge is made in any one day?
  • You might find it leaves you feeling uncomfortable. Try wearing a liner on a daily basis to help protect your underwear and stop you feeling damp. Lil-Lets Teens liners are designed to be smaller and come in re-sealable pouches to make it easy to keep them in your bag.
  • Discharge can also be your body's way of letting you know you've got an infection. Healthy discharge won't have a strong smell or colour. If it changes smell or its consistency (looks a little bit like cottage cheese) or you feel irritation, burning, or discomfort, then you might have an infection. Best to get it checked by your doctor so it can be quickly treated.


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I cannot believe that we,women all over the globe,have to go through this just so that one day,we can have a baby,I mean it's just stupid. >:(


All my friends have my periods and I want my too but I also don’t and my mom got her at 12 and a half.Im 12 and almost 1 month and still haven’t gotten it.Also I have had discharge for 10-12 months now and no period.And the last 1 month or less my discharge has been heavy but today I had the tiniest amount EVER.WHATS GOING ON SOMEONE PLZ HELP?!.


Thanks really help ful


I am ten, and kinda nervous if any of this stuff is gonna happen to me- sooner than later.


Um, my vagina has been itching for a while on like the lip, flap bits or whatever they are called, and there are little like spot bits and I was just wondering if this is bad and if it's an infection or if it's normal or not but if it's not normal I don't think I would be able to talk to my mam about it


This is sooooooooooooo helpful for me thank you


Yes I notice that I get discharge about a week before my period is due. But I've noticed that mine is thick and not runny like this website says. Is this ok and am I healthy??


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