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Lil-lets Teens Starter Pack



Puberty is a busy time so we’ve put together a little starter pack for you which contains a selection of our Lil-Lets teens pads, liners and SmartFit™ tampons. It also comes with a handy little information booklet too.


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Starter Pack

Puberty can seem scary and confusing. To help you get everything you need, we’ve created this amazing period starter kit. With pads, liners and SmartFit tampons from our Lil-Lets Teens Range, this is the only period starter pack you need for your body to feel ready and prepared!

  • By giving you a range of products in one period starter pack, we make sure you’re covered for any situation wherever you are.
  • If you’re not completely sure on everything, we've included a helpful information booklet. This covers a lot of topics on periods and how to deal with them, so give it a read before you start using your period kit.
  • The Lil-Lets teens starter pack has a petite design so it can fit easily into your school bag. Plus, the super-cute cosmetics bag is nice enough to keep on using and refilling with your favourite Lil-Lets teens products!
  • You can buy these period starter packs at most large supermarkets, chemists, discount stores, and from our Lil-Lets online shop for around £3.99.

Why not add a pack of our Lil-lets teens wipes to your starter pack?

Lil-lets Teen Wipes



Lil-lets Teen Wipes are kind to your skin, have a fresh cotton fragrance and are totally flushable.



"I just got this yesterday I haven’t started my period but I have been getting a lot of mood swings cramps and being bloated this is the best product to get when you are going to get you first period"


"Great for keeping in your school bag and the leaflet was great as I find it hard to talk to people about personal stuff."


"This is very good and a really good website and hopefully I can order a sample here cause I want to try them out "




"The best "


"I was thinking of making a Puberty/Period kit for my soon to be 9yr old DD. I didn't know this starter pack existed, a friend told me she had just bought one for her daughter. This looks perfect, lots of different things to see what she might need."


"Meeep this is soo good meeep I've not Meeeep started my periods yet meeep but will keep everywhere i go meeeep soooo good meeep thank you Lil-lets meeeeeeeep"


If you have a question about periods, changes to your body or how you're feeling and can’t find the answer on here, ask Vicki for some advice. Just type in your question and press submit.


If Vicki can help you, she'll post an answer in the ‘Your questions answered’ page, so don't forget to keep checking it
(and the best thing is nobody will ever know it was you that asked!)