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So what
are periods?


Periods are a really positive sign that your body is working correctly and that you’re growing into a young woman.

However, it’s also a really confusing time for some, so we’re here to help you understand what’s happening to you and provide you with some helpful tips and advice.




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For most, no more than two and a half tablespoons or an egg cup full of blood is released every month.

It’s called ‘a period’ because it’s a period of time in your life when something else happens that would not normally do so.

Menstrual blood isn’t the same as the blood you’ve seen if you’ve cut yourself. Menstrual fluid lines the walls of your womb and is called endometrium. It is a mixture of blood, tissue cells and natural secretions from the vagina and cervix and is not harmful in any way.

Menstrual fluid is not always red in colour. It can vary from very light brown to dark (almost black) red and this is perfectly normal. Some girls notice this lighter colour throughout their period, whilst others experience this lighter colour only on the last couple of days.


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@layla from katieie

periods come in many colors including purple was this your first period or 2secomd???? Thx from katieie


why is my period blood purple


Omg why on earth is there blood on my sheets am i dying respons ASAP I am 13 btw

Girl life

I haven't gotten my period yet and I am almost 11 so I am sure it is normal but I have no signs of puberty at all. No breast growth, no spots, no discharge or period, no additional hair anywhere. Is this normal? To have no signs of anything. ?????


@Rabbit Lover and @Lulu you can get discharge for a long time before your first period, mine was for four years!!! So you really can't predict. If you have noticed hair down there, spots, breast buds and sweating more, then these are other signs. Once you have started, Lulu, then what I did was take my knickers to my mum and say 'mum I found this in my pants, is it my period?' she will understand as all mums do. Alternatively, you could tell your older sister. First periods can look like brown discharge, so it is likely that you may want to wear a liner in case. Hope that helps, but if you need any extra advice, just ask and put To Chelsie, so I know to answer. Have a good day - Chelsie x

Rabbit lover

Hi. Can I please have some advice? I’m the same as Lulu. I’ve had discharge for a long time and my mum started around the same as as me. I don’t have a sister so I can’t compare. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment. Xx


Any advice?so i started having discharge in 6th grade and now I'm in 8th grade but no period then last night I saw some brown dots but nothing today my sis started in 9th my other sis in 7th and my mom in 10th I also don't know how to tell my mom when I do start because we have never talked about it


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