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The At Home Workout

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Dance as you Dress

Ok, some of you may be a little lethargic in the mornings, if this is you, consider putting on an upbeat tune that gets you dancing around the room as you get ready for school. It will lift your mood. You could even play it loud and get the whole family dancing.

Stretch Yourself

Increase your activity levels without getting into a sweat

  • In the bathroom lace your hands together with your palms facing away from you and straighten your arms for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat three times.
  • Stand up whilst watching your favourite TV show, rocking from side to side or walking on the spot, or even standing on one leg for a few seconds. See if you can keep these up until the adverts pop up on your TV.

Stretching should never hurt, if it does then relax our stretch a little until if feels comfortable and hold for a few seconds, never more than 30 seconds.

Step It Up

Running up and down the stairs on a daily basis is a great exercise for your lower body, so don’t get too grumpy if you forget to pick-up your school or PE bags, running back up those stairs is actually good for you!

Skip the Sofa

Skipping burns up to 10 calories a minute so get your rope and find an open space for 5 minutes, it’s a great overall toner too; ideal for bottoms, shoulders, legs and arms, not to mention a good cardio.


So this is not strictly at home, but on the way to school and if you walk, speed up your step for a couple of minutes dropping back to a slower pace and repeat several times throughout the journey. Studies show that High Intensity Interval Training can boost your metabolism, increase heart rate and strengthen muscles. Get your friends to join in, it could be great fun!

Exercise as you brush

Did you know that simply by gently squatting as you brush your teeth for two minutes can help tone your tummy and bottom!

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Book girl

Find it hard to exercise when I am indoors. This is a great way for me to.


I've been trying to lose weight but I never made the right food choices now I'm getting better and now I eat a lot more heathier because I don't just want to lose weight I want to live longer😉😉


Heyyy. I struggle with working out and exercising at home for sure. I'm not overweight at all, in fact, I want to gain weight lol. What I have found helpful is jump roping. It's super fun and easy to do and it get's your heart rate up. Just buy a good quality jump rope. I jump rope every day now and especially a week before and during my period and it helps so much!


I'm already fat , hope that will help me


Lozza, You can do squats on each one while walking up them safely, or you can just walk up and down them, which still keeps you moving, just isn't so intense. Erin x


I'm already quite sporty and I see myself as fit and healthy but now it is getting colder I have been trying to find ways to exercise despite the weather. This was a great read and helped a lot. I think I will be doing squats while I brush my teethan now! Also I have to walk up steps to get to my house so now I think I will start running up and down them.


To girls looking to increase fitness as well as gain muscle etc: HIIT training (high intensity interval training) is perfect for this, do 1min or 30sec bursts of different explosive exercises, eg. jump squats, lateral lunges, one leg squats (if u can :) ) push up with a clap if u can, and have maybe a 30sec rest between sets of 2/3 exercises depending how much u can do. Do it for half an hour and it increases metabolism and fitness :) Search on YouTube if you don’t know any of these exercises but remember, calorie restriction often has a negative effect if you don’t know what you’re doing. xxx


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