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Tampons don’t need plastic applicators

Did you know that non-applicator tampons contain up to 97% less plastic than their plastic cousins. That's because they're still a tampon inside, but without the plastic casing (applicator) outside.

They're also conveniently small, so can easily fit into a pocket or purse


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I know that we are trying to do our bit for the environment and everything but do we choose to have our periods? No and boys don’t have to go through around 30 years of their life with every month for around 4-5 days bleeding! Whoever said girls were soft...😤


This is cool and all-I care a lot about the environment-bu some people do prefer applicator tampons. Some are made of cardboard too! I don't have my period yet, but as an active person, I think I will use tampons during the day and pads at night. I will see what I like best-applicator or non applicator.


i have not startet yet butt im lokking forward to it. but i havent really thought about how much plastic we use on oure period. this was helpful thank you <3 <3 <3


This annoys me a lil bit girls have it bad enough actually getting periods and advetisements make me feel bad for using the plastic but there’s not much I can do bout it


Last time I checked there was no plastic in cardboard applicator tampons, and personally I prefer applicator to non applicator. Until Lil-Lets bring out a Super Plus cardboard non-applicator, I’m sticking with Tampax 🤷🏼‍♀️


I use applicator tampons, I'm 11 and I just don't feel comfortable in putting my finger in my vagina just yet. Using the applicator really makes tampon use very easy for me. Why not make the applicator part out of cardboard instead.


This is great and all but some people are just more comfortable with applicator tampons? There's no need to make people feel like they're hurting the environment. Encourage it kindly and subtly if you must, but personally, I use applicator tampons and since my period is quite recent, it's easier and more comfortable.


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