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It’s a boyfriend thing!


Even though we’re the same age he acts so childish!

Whilst most girls have entered puberty by the age of 10, boys are often a couple of years behind. So if he wants to play football while you want to spend time cuddling on the sofa, don’t be too hard on him.

Why do they act differently when they are with their friends?

To a degree so do girls. If your boyfriend is sweet and considerate when you are alone, but then starts being distant when his friends show up, don’t take it personally, it says more about him than you. Often boys feel it’s necessary to be ‘cool’ around their mates, not letting on that they really like someone or that this person’s opinion means a lot to them. So give him his space, he needs to bond with his friends from time to time as he transitions from boy to man…take the time to spend time with your friends too. If, however he is becoming selfish or disrespectful towards you when in company, let him know that you understand he wants to look ‘cool’ in front of his mates, but being rude is actually doing the opposite.

Boys have feelings too!

How you speak to a boy can have a huge impact on his confidence. You may think you are saying one thing but a boy may hear something completely different. For example, you say “aren’t you ready yet?” He hears, “you must be so stupid if you’re still getting dressed.” It would be far better to use a positive approach and say “how’s it going?”. It’s not what you say…it’s how you say it!

Why do they only want to date the pretty girls?

Actually studies show that 80% of boys like to get to know a girl before dating and if they are interested in them initially for their looks this will quickly subside if their personality does not match their appearance.

They’re not all the same!

You may have dated someone in the past who was always paying you attention, giving you compliments, wanting to be with you as much as possible. If your new boyfriend or the boy you like is a little more reserved, don’t take this as a sign that he does not love or care for you as much as the other boy…he simply has a different way of showing it.

And don’t be tempted to compare one relationship with another, constantly telling a boy how a previous boyfriend treated you differently, this is one sure way to knock his confidence and send him running in the opposite direction.

Why does he take ages to text me back, he must be going off me?

He may be busy, he may have nothing to say; boys rarely do idle chat and like to have a subject or question to answer. If you’ve been dating for a while, then it’s only natural that there will be a decrease in messages going back and forth now you see each other on a regular basis.

Why can’t he see he’s upset me!

Don’t expect him to just guess what he has done to upset you, let him know and then give him time to take in your comments. Boys, often process emotions a little differently to girls and may not have a response for you immediately so give them a day or so to think over what you have said.

Why does he always bring the subject round to sexual things?

Of course boys are going to be curious about sexual matters, for that matter so are girls. But don’t think this is true of every boy you meet. In fact, studies carried out in the past have shown that 60% of boys really do want to love someone and for that person to show them love back. The thought of sexual encounters fills them with as much dread as it does girls.


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Can boys start at age ten


The front picture of this blog looks (((EXACTLY))) Like a boy I know!


RE: BUMBLINA As a young teen, it's probably best to stay away from boys as they're still trying to figure out their life and things like that. However, if there is a boy who you have a special connection with, tell your mum about him first and she will decide what happens next.


What’s a good age to start to date someone, I’m way to scared to ask my parents when they think it’s a good idea to start dating! If it helps I’m a young teen.


I have not shared with anyone (Except one friend I can trust) that I have a boyfriend and that friend is making me wonder if I’m bisexual or asexual because I feel a relationship to me isn’t all about cuddling, kissing and any sort of sexual attraction to someone because to me it’s just a friendship but stronger. Also that friend is my crush that I have that goes to a different school to me and I don’t know how to know if I really am asexual or bisexual.


If you have feelings for him then you may like him so I would decide if you do have this crush. Then you won’t feel embarrassed anymore and you can be so much relaxed at school. Hope this helps

@lost teen

Hey I hope everything's going well for you :) I would just say take everything as it comes and see how it goes, don't be too quick to do anything (as long as you don't want to that is) basically just make sure both of you feel completely ready to anything before you do. I think the main thing is communication, you need to be honest and open with each other and feel happy to tell him what you are and aren't comfortable with and he should understand that, and vice versa! I promise everything will be fine and you aren't gonna mess anything up, it shouldn't matter if you're less experienced than him or anything like that, just relax and if he makes you feel good about yourself and feel happy, go for it. Good luck with everything :) Rose xx


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