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How do I deal with these
feelings I have for someone?

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Your head might be whirling with all these new feelings you have for someone. But what do you do!?

Here are some tips for getting to know someone better.

Don't look away! It may give him the wrong impression and he may think you're not interested. Boys are not mind readers, so when you see him in the corridor or classroom, smile and say “Hi”.

Ignore your friends if they don't think he's cute. It's good they don't like him too. But don't be put off. Good friends should support your choice no matter what.

Rather than asking someone on a date, why not invite a group of friends to go somewhere? This takes the pressure off it being a date and gives you a chance to get to know each other better while having a laugh with your friends too.

If you find they don’t feel the same way about you, don’t worry. Everyone is attracted to others for different reasons and it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, it just means you're not suited.

One last thing, no boy is worth losing a friend over, so if you find yourself attracted to your friend’s boyfriend, step away. NOW.


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uhh awkward

why do you think im tha brave like :D

To em n ems

Yes I have a crush on 2 Swiss boys. They are called Harry and will. Harry is my age and will is 3 years older. They are really cute and speak 5 languages!! Harry and I became really good friends when he stayed at mine. His mum is Swedish and his dad is English. My mum and dad are friends with his mum and dad so they stayed in 2019. I still remember all the times I walked through my village with him and felt excited because I was walking with a cute boy. X


I HAVE A CRUSH ON A GIRL FTR! Why are all the columns about specific genders about boys!?


I have had a crush(love actually) on a boy for 7 years and I love him so much. The other day I said I love u to him and he said I love you too and now we are dating. We also had our first kiss together. I am so happy it finally happened


I have a crush on my friends brother who is a year older than me, I can tell I like Jim but it is different than my other crushes, my other crushes, I'm really scared to talk to, but this one we talk normally, but not that often (2 tines a week) please tell me if this is normal or if it is just a friendship


how to get a boy to like you when he likes another girl but that other is way older than him and I just seem like a better fit for him?


I have a friend who has a crush on a Spanish boy in our class does anyone else have a foreign crush or friends have a foreign crush. pls reply :)


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